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Thread: Wearing diaper at night

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    Default Wearing diaper at night

    I am just wondering if you can give me advice about this... for a long while, I always have trouble sleeping and I knew I wasn't allowed to wear diapers during night time (one of my wife's restrictions)... but last night, I decided to wear a diaper and slept on couch. Not long after I put one on, I fell asleep... feel all relaxed and comfortable. This makes me a happy little girl and realized I sleep way better with diapers on.

    Obviously, my wife isn't too happy with me. She thinks that I am just ignoring my "bed time signals" and go on computer, watching TV etc, and sometimes eat sweet stuff that keeps me awake. I don't think it's always the case.... despite I did that, and I slip on a diaper and I have no problem going to sleep. Also, main reason she doesn't like me wearing diapers in the bed because she loves to cuddle but don't like the feeling of plastic diapers against her and think it's feeling too weird to her. *sigh*

    Any advice/thoughts please?

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    My best advice would be to talk it out together. You need to fully explain your thoughts and feelings to her... and she needs to do the same in return. Maybe you can do a compromise that you start out cuddling together in bed and if she fall asleep and you can't fall asleep, ask if you can at least try getting a diaper on and returning to bed at that point to try it out and see if it actually does help you fall asleep.

    The bottom line is that this entire issue is between you and your loved one. You guys need to talk about it openly and listen to each other.

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    I wear every night.

    When I go to bed, I go without a diaper and cuddle with my wife. When we are about to fall asleep, I go get a diaper.
    She accept it. When we know we won't spend time cudling, because it's too late or we have to sleep right away, I just wear it direcly after my shower.
    We even cuddle with me in diaper. She don't really mind. But I still want to be ready for more than cuddles, if you know what I mean.

    It's the best way I found so the diapers don't get in-between our sex life. And it work well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    The bottom line is that this entire issue is between you and your loved one. You guys need to talk about it openly and listen to each other.

    Sage advice.. honesty and communication are key to any relationship.
    Also, try some cloth backed diapers, I def prefer them to plastic back to cuddle/sleep in

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    Be advised that cloth diapers are not as good ase most disposables at keeping urine smells in. A strong urine smell is a big turn off...
    That is also why I keep well hydrated, so my urine is not as concentrated during the night. Because during the night, our body secrete an hormone to slow down urine production, so it come out more concentrated.

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    I tried cloth diapers before and I don't really like it as much... but thanks all for the advice and thoughts on this. We will talk more further and see what we can do... =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessLily View Post
    I tried cloth diapers before and I don't really like it as much... but thanks all for the advice and thoughts on this. We will talk more further and see what we can do... =)
    Talking really is the thing here because you really have an impasse otherwise. I would let her know that the diapers help you to sleep. This is actually quite common among those who enjoy diapers.

    Her are a couple of ideas that might help:

    1. If your wife is accepting of your diaper use but not willing to sleep with you diapered see if there is a way to compromise with her. Maybe every other day, every third day, or go to bed after she does, etc. See 4 below, this might help with compromise if it applies.

    2. It is unlikely that she will just start enjoying your diaper use so the idea of masking the diaper, with her knowledge, is not a bad idea. Wearing heavy pajamas like a footed sleeper might be the best way to mask things. Pajama pants are good, sweat pants might be better. I have personally used sweat shorts, soft yet pretty masking.

    3. Try a different diaper. For soft plastic diapers I like Abena X-plus and they have a really good feel on the outside that might bug her as much. The Abena Air-Plus are another good alternative with a pretty soft cloth like outer.

    4. If she has not worn diapers herself, even to try them, it is a long shot but maybe she would be willing to try sleeping in diapers a time or two. Who knows, maybe she will have the same experience or perhaps it will even help her to overcome the aversion.

    It is possible that you will end up having to sleep without a diaper. If your relationship is important to you it is best to do what you can to keep the peace and to let her know that your love is unconditional enough that you are wiling to make the sacrifice. Who knows, at some point she may feel bad about not compromising and will end up making some concessions.

    Regardless of what happens keeping a good attitude will help you to maintain a strong relationship with your wife.

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    If it's only the plastic that bothers her, try wearing boxers or shorts on top of your diaper. I will say try not approaching it as if you are trying to hide the fact that you are wearing one. You are lucky she's ok with you wearing at all. I'd hate for her to get frustrated over something like that and ask you to stop wearing all together.

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