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Thread: Masculinity vs. bABy affinity

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    Default Masculinity vs. bABy affinity

    Society teaches us that Men are supposed to do certain things and act a certain way. (Women too, but as far as I can tell being an AB doesn't clash with basic female identity as much as it does for Men)
    Wearing diapers, having someone take care of you, enjoying naps, and your pacifier don't typically fit the mold of what men are supposed to be. (at least by society's standards)

    Guys, how did you reconcile your little with your masculinity?

    Girls, do you think a guy an AB guy is inherently not as masculine (macho) as any other guy?

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    I like to think that as people become more open minded, more connected and more aware of the general consciousness we share as a species (and more so, a being just blessed to be aware of their surroundings), that terms like "macho" and "masculine" will inevitably become outdated, (as I hope all label and misrepresentations/stereotypes of people to follow as well) archaic terminology that will no longer hold any real bearing on how other people see one another, (I'll be first to admit, its a really optimistic view, doesn't mean it won't/shouldn't happen)

    Sorry if that seems too existential of a response, I was just glad to see someone address that particular issue
    Sorry also if I didn't really answer your question... I guess that's how I reconcile with it lol

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    I think the heart of the issue for me is that most guys have to decide how much of the stuff they do is actually because the enjoy doing it, or are good at it. For example in the south most guys expect all other "bros" to enjoy football and to be able to discuss it. I hate football. This has caused a certain amount of social issues for me, but I am lazy and it takes a lot more effort to pretend to like something you don't actually like because somebody else says you are weird for not sharing their interest.
    Kinda what I was looking for was how do you justify being yourself when everyone else tells you that you should be different?

    @CrazySmoker I do not understand how your comment has anything to do with the topic, could you please elaborate?

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    For me it's all part of the Adult/Baby thing.. Even though I experience moments in my normal adult life where I drift emotionally to my little side, this is usually brief because I am in the middle of doing adult stuff. I guess when I'm doing masculine or bloke'y stuff, hanging with mates, ripping up the bush in my 4x4, building stuff etc. I'm far less likely to 'drift'... I usually only start to feel little if I'm really tired, stressed out, or feeling a bit pensive. All that said, I don't seem to able to travel too far in bloke mode, before my little self starts screaming for some playtime. As for my feeling a certain way when diapered, well I'd say it feels emotional-age appropriate at the reconciliation necessary, the macho thing and the baby thing are different entities for me.

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    Default Masculinity vs. bABy affinity

    During your abdl moments you are totally emasculated and you are casting off all of the stresses of everyday life as your imagination returns you to a carefree existence you enjoyed shortly after emerging from the womb.

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    Well I can see the points. I mean I live in a eastern culture and it demands me to be a "masculine man" and if you see me then you probably believe it(I'm quite tall and heavy build for Asian standards). And I love to do many "masculine" stuff. And you say that girls like "masculine" guy. Well I think it depends on people perspective. But what is the real meaning of Masculine? We don't have to look one what we have to do is act like one. It means that act like man! such as be responsible for your action, Fulfill your duty, be a role model to your families(if you have one). That is masculine for me not by your looks or what you like to do for fun(ABDL).

    So yeah how I reconcile it. Well like I said below that I don't have to be worry that because I'm an TB/DL that I will lose my "masculine" because like I said masculinity is in your behavior not because of your hobbies(TB/DL)

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    I think being a sissy baby combo is obviously throwing masculinity to the wind... But a normal AB ( to me ) is not a sexual being. An AB is a child and children are not developed enough to really fall into the normal guidelines of masculine or feminine.

    So the simple answer for me is there is no reconciliation since the adult baby side is a non-sexual side. I also keep it separate and private. It's my personal me time that I wish I could share with my wife, but, cannot.

    On the lighter side of things.... yes... I am the man.... I take out the trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJayk View Post
    @CrazySmoker I do not understand how your comment has anything to do with the topic, could you please elaborate?
    Just I mean there're exeptions, nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazySmoker View Post
    Just I mean there're exeptions, nothing more.
    Oh, okay. Just didn't quite get it the first time.

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