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Thread: Can't tell if trolling.

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    Default Can't tell if trolling.

    Please Move The Deer Crossing - YouTube

    So I came across this and it is the most hilarious thing I have heard. I mean I know people can be dim, but I mean c'mon....really?

    To have fun with this, post the stupidest thing you have ever heard someone say. For example: At my job awhile back, we had a lady stand in front of our concession stand and ask the person at the counter, where the concessions stand was.

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    "The Government can direct these deer anywhere if they move these signs"

    ^Quote of the day?

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    I'm just going to say that I hope they are trolling... Though it is possible, and it's been proven before, that people can be VERY dense and dim.

    This did give me a very good laugh though! =D

    - - - Updated - - -

    I found this, and hopefully it answers the question at hand: Donna The Deer Lady - The Rest of the Story - YouTube

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    Found this now: Donna The Deer Lady - The Rest of the Story - YouTube

    Apparently she was serious, I feel kinda bad for her, but at least now she knows AND Knowing is half the battle!

    Awww I got ninja'ed by Shadow : (

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    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

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    In high school, I had the world's worse and perhaps dumbest French teacher. I had broken my leg and teachers came to my house after school since I couldn't go to school. I would do my French homework the day before, from my last lesson, and he would correct it the following day. When he found a mistake, he would correct it, telling me why it was wrong. Typical homework, the same example would repeat further down the page, and so I made the same mistake.

    But here he'd get mad and say, I just showed you why this was wrong. Why did you write it wrong again?!!! I didn't know exactly what to say other than, I did all of this yesterday, before you were here? He also was responsible for banning "Catcher in the Rye" from our high school library.

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    sad, so so sad. This was real, and society is ending...

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    Wow, that's either legit, or the best trolling ever. The Howard Stern show has some really good prank calls. The one with the Indian restaurant, and the one where he calls an old lady about some item she listed in the newspaper are the best.

    I laughed so hard when I watched the video. Maybe we should all write our congressmen now and ask for the relocation of deer crossings. Damn deer inconveniencing people while contributing little to society.

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    I remember back when I worked at the Hilton, we had this guest who threw his tooth brush away before checking out. Then he decided he wanted his tooth brush back and his room had already been cleaned. So the supervisor assistant and the other room attendants had to look through the trash to get out the tooth brush and it was all worn and I thought it was so disgusting. Why not just go and buy a new tooth brush? They are not that expensive.

    If that lady is trolling, it backfired, now she has made herself look like a dumbass.

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