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Thread: Consistently Bedwetting because of this

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    Default Consistently Bedwetting because of this

    I was never a bed wetter when I was a kid. In fact, I have wanted to as an adult because my bursting bladder wakes me up every night, and I just wanted night where I slept straight through. Of course alcohol does help me sleep and some times I wet, but not healthy.

    What I have found to consistently work is wearing for a few hours when I get home from work to get my body used to going as soon as even the slightest urge comes. Then I drink catnip tea a hour before bed, go to bathroom, pad up and then drink 1 1/2 - 2 bottles of water.

    I tell you, it is nice to sleep through the night... I wake up refreshed and pretty wet! I would love to know if this works for anyone else.

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    I'm not convinced that any "strategy" is going to work for a significant number of people. I think the non-ic that have been able to consistently wet overnight are all a mental thing.

    I wish it were true though. I'd like to be able to sleep sound through the night and wake up wet. But nothing I've tried has worked. I'm a pretty light sleeper though, even on the best of nights I wake up several times. And having a moderately full bladder just makes it all the more difficult to fall back asleep.

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    Well, my point is that is works for me, and I am curious if it works for others. Also, like I said in my post, I empty my bladder before I hit the sheets.

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    Yeah, it works for me. Well, my version of it. I think the "getting used to going" thing is maybe true maybe not, but i'm currently thinking it has something to do with your hydration level.

    On my most recent attempt, last night, I went to the bathroom then drank nearly a half gallon of water right before bed. I was up for over well over 24 hours before then, too. (midterms)

    However, I slept for 12 hours (as expected) but woke up totally dry, and didn't even have the urge to go. I'm almost 1000% sure it's because I was significantly (but not dangerously) dehydrated before bed so everything I drank just ended up in my system as normal water weight... It's tough to balance this out too for me because if i'm too hydrated, then there's a good chance i'll end up not being able to fall asleep before I have to go, and then it's basically a botched night.

    But i've definitely had my successes too. So yeah, i'm there with you.

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    I've been on the quest to be able to induce bedwetting every once in a while too, although for different reasons. I've heard about Catnip Tea before and people using it as a bedwetting aid.. I'll try this and get back to you.

    Where would be the best place to get some?

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    You don't really need a diuretic (catnip tea or whatever).

    Before bed, empty your bladder. Drink 2 large glass of water, put on a diaper and go to bed.

    The trainning start here. You need to learn to relax to a point where you feel your sphincter relax. You have 2 spincters.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The bladder neck spincter is pretty much automatic. When the bladder is full at a certain point, it will want to open and you will feel it.
    The external spincter is the one you can conciously open and close. This is the one you need to re-train.

    When you relax enough and train yourself, you can simulate a neurogenic bladder by allowing the external spincter to stay open and let the bladder neck spincter release at the smallest urge. This work both at night and during the day. Note that when laying down or sitting in certain position, the bladder will not trigger the spincter with the same amount of urine. Standing up is when you will get the most frequent urge and the smallest. At night, urges will be infrequent, but the amount of urine will be higher.

    At one point, you will feel the urine come out of the bladder and stop and the external spincter. If "done right", it will also release and let you pee.
    This trainning is easier to do without a full bladder, as bladder spasms promote spincter contractions and you will need to push to pee. It's not what you want.

    I mastered this to a point where I can wet myself (in diaper) while walking and during my sleep. It took me a good year or two of constant diaper wearing at night to master the bedwetting part of the tric.
    You also have to trust your diaper, because any aprehention will prevent you to relax enough and your nervous systeme will sound an alarm to wake you when you get the urge to pee.

    I hope this make sense and can help some of you acheive this.
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    This works for me, although I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone. I do have two problems with this, however:

    1) I occasionally wet the bed when I'm not wearing a diaper
    2) I don't have access to more absorbent diapers, so my Depends Protection with Tabs always leak.

    When I move out on my own, I want to start doing this with better diapers.

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    Don't buy your diapers in general stores. Find a medical supplyer. They carry better quality product generally. You can even open an account and get discounts.

    Where I live, that's what I do. Every month, I have my supply ready and what I pay is less than in regular stores.

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    Thank you, Bob111!

    I must say though, I can pee with ease while running and walking. Even laying down is pretty easy, but the sleep part is the problem. I am in no position to become a bedwetter, but I would love to be able to do it every once in a while on command.

    But, I guess you cant have your cake and eat it too!

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