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    It seems I am not the first to make a topic based on the franchise, but I thought I would bring it back up after re-watching the first series.

    The Avatar franchise has certainly taken it's place as one of my generation's greatest animated TV shows, as well as being one of the best animated TV shows of all time...not THE best, but still great. Interesting story, great characters, a diverse cultural background and amazing visuals, both The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra delivered on entertaining us, minus a certain live-action adaptation...

    So, in this topic, fans of the show can discuss on what they like about the franchise, what they dislike about it, what they want to see and maybe some fan theories.

    I'll start things off. What I found the most interesting about the leap from The Last Airbender to Legend of Korra was the leap in technology. Granted, it makes sense that Republic City is like that because of Fire Nation machines and resources now being made for other nations as well, seemed like a rather big leap.

    TLAB's culture seemed based more around...I dunno, say 14th century Asian cultures, even with the presence of machines. However, after just 70 years, it seemed to leap from 14th century to early 20th century cultures, dress-codes, technologies and settings. However, this IS only one part of the Bending World, and it may not be the case for other cities outside of Republic City.

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    The steam era was more 1800s (19th century) and you'll find that the Chinese culture/Japanese culture was pretty much the same as ever even during the west's industrial revolution. Ok they had cars for the rich but so did the victorians in a way, horse drawn carriages. The clothes seem modern but modern punk cloths have inspiration drawn from the past. The only thing that might have been particularly modern with no explination was the bending arena's score board, the bending arena itself could be a throwback to the Colosseum, but the scoreboard although primitive still looks more modern. Also I'd think that over the course of 70 years the city would have been home to the greatest mind of the generations and a collections of competitive great minds working together in a single place does tend to bring great innovations, the manhatten project and bletchly park's station X both proved that.

    I'm not entirely sure about the movie being so horrible, I've now had the stones to watch it 3 times and it seems that the writers were trolling M. Night. Shallamalon, the important bits like Keyoshi Island they skipped and yet they put in the rock bender prison (in a quarry). With one or 2 minor tweeks this could have been a fantastic adaptation, but instead turned Shallamalon into a laughing stock (again), for the uninitiated it's a fairly well versed story but for the fans it was a little bit of a let down I suppose. So correct the mess up over pronouncing Aang's name, replace the rock prison with meeting Sooki, and bring back the Aang fishzilla instead of a tsunami and you go from a 'meh' movie and it was meh it wasn't horrific, to an 'ok I liked that' sort of movie.

    I suppose my favourite bits of the series were the moments when everyone effectively levelled up, Aang first accessing the avatar state, Zuko with lightening against his father and then again at the sun warrior temple, Katara at the northern water tribe, Sokka with the space sword and my absolute favourite Toph escaping the metal trap and blurring the lines between elements just that little bit more.

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    I think the real problem with the movie adaptation was that they got A LOT more things wrong. Aang and Sokka in the series were always light-hearted and quirky, but knew when to act serious. In the movie, however, they barely show ANY emotion and act like they're at a funeral the whole time. The name-pronunciation was obviously gonna be a problem from the start.

    There will always be changes when making an adaptation of something, be it a TV show or a book. However, Shyamalan seemed to change WAY too much and made the end product look too detached from the original source, all in the name of "trying to capture the essence of culture present" He felt he was doing the adaptation justice, but he didn't.

    Now with that said, I think one of my favourite moments of the series had to be the comet-enhanced Agni Kai between Azula and Zuko. While most of the fire duels in the series had fast-paced music and heart-pounding action, this Agni Kai felt more...powerful. The sounds of the fire blasts were muted to let the somber music take over, making the Agni Kai more than just a duel to the end, but duel of emotions. Azula, while powerful, has snapped and allowed her hidden torment to surface and Zuko, who was once trapped in the feelings of the past, has learned to forge his own destiny and not be attached to power. To me, it is incredibly moving.

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    OMG the movie was so bad. It was soooo completely wrong. I had trouble even watching it. The concept was there and it could have been a good movie... but alas..... suckage!

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    I think the lack of emotion was a choice of bad actors, Aang wasn't Aang enough, he was a little overweight in the movie and yet in the series he's always shown as being just skin and bone, and he couldn't smile right, Aang in the cartoon was almost always smiling even when defending himself and his friends. And the bad actor choice goes on as far as Iroh, and some of the extras.

    I liked the Agni Kai, the Aang vs Ozzi was cool as well, having watched that 4 part episode I was convinced that it'd have been easy to make 6 movies from the 3 series.

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    Just thought I'd bring up something interesting after re-watching the old Last Airbender episodes.

    In "Imprisoned", the captured earthbenders were able to bend the coal that was being used to fuel the fires on the rig they were imprisoned on. It made for a good means to escape, didn't make sense.

    Coal isn't a mineral. It is fossilized organic matter, that has been compressed and carbonized over 1000s and 1000s of years in the earth. Things that can turn into coal are things like bones, trees and plant matter, no form of earth or mineral. However, despite that, the earthbenders were still capable of bending the coal.

    So what are your thoughts on this matter? Is this yet another blurred line between elements, or just a single stuff-up? And if earthbenders can bend coal, does this mean that they can bend other forms of carbonized materials?

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    And what do you think sedimentary or metormorfic rocks are? They're pieces of dead sea creatures crushed and compressed.

    It makes little sense that fire bender can bend Lava though. Water benders bend steam and ice, so why do fire benders have power over lava when it's just liquid rock?

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    I would think that it is more the heat they bend than just the flame. Have you ever noticed that Iroh and Zuko were capable of breathing out hot air, and no flames along with it? I would assume it is the same process here: they're simply bending the heat within the lava.

    Though, this does really make how earthbenders are able to bend coal seem more logical.

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    Yeah I agree its about energy so they move the heat within the lava, the lava shouldn't follow the heat, if the heat moves away it should solidify.

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