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    Links between a relationship between an *B and their CT, could there be a connection to this in any way?

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    Could there be? Sure. Do I think it's all that common from my own experience or from the posts of people here? I don't think so.

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    Not sure what you are referring to with CT.

    There is clearly a link between *B and psychological circumstances, regardless of whether a diagnosis is reached or not. The very same factors and conditions that can cause some of these personality disorders can often affect a person in such a way that they end up with an attachment or compulsion toward diapers and other baby things.

    Several years ago, after I had done most of my personal research, I had theorized that we may be able to reasonably identify some of the population with am interest in diapers as having an early childhood related factor. These factors most often manifest themselves as behaviors and even some biological conditions, such as bed wetting. The primary measurement, as I have theorized, is that of when the interest was first manifest. More specifically, if a child of 5 years old has a compulsion to be back in diapers, refuses to potty in anything but a potty, wants to be a baby again, wants t be back in diapers, etc it can be reasonably assumed that the diaper interest likely has a nurture, abuse, conflict, etc type of factor. A significant number assume diapers are more closely linked to puberty, although this happens, I believe it is much more rare. A child need not act on his interest, he only needs to have the interest before the age of puberty to likely be related to a factor that is also often associated with other psychological diagnosis.

    Another way of looking at this, and it somewhat supports my position, is by asking the question of why would a child of puberty age start wearing diapers? Often the answer is that there was already some other interest in the first place, and this lead to the ultimate moment where the child chooses to wear a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garzilla View Post
    Not sure what you are referring to with CT.[snipped]
    CT refers to a caretaker.

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    I don't know if I'd call the relationship with my caretaker dependance specifically, but I'm unimaginably grateful to have him. Out of all the cute ABDLs he could've picked, he chose me. We're close friends outside of caretaking, so that's why I don't think I'm dependent. We'd just get along as such if the relationship didn't exist - but that's not to say we don't have a wonderful time.

    Noticing a possible relationship between the caretaker role and DPD is clever. Really interesting theory. Good thinking man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    CT refers to a caretaker.
    Cool, thanks. It would seem this is what I was thinking, just did not make the connection.

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