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    Default Hello again :)

    Hello, my name's Snowfall, I should start by saying this is the second time I've made an introduction here, I don't think I'll be well remembered as I was only around for a short time, I joined about a year ago but lost interest in the site really due to inner conflictions I suppose, but I've come back and for good this time I think

    Lets see... (this was actually easier the first time round) I would describle myself as wierd(!), easy going, compassionate, and fun I've completed GCSE's and A levels and I'm working in retail for the time being. I'm here in ADISC looking to make friends and get support from people like me, as the community here is amazing. I'm an AB/DL who loves being babyish and regressing

    Supprisingly little has changed in my life in a year, I'm still a big geek, I love the outdoors. I love my little pony, I like lots of music genres (rock, reggae, punk, new wave, hip hop, house, alternative rock and folk to name but a few)

    Now I'm running out of things to say so if anyone has any question or advice for me on how to fit in and make friends here please do let me know.

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    hello! i joined yesterday too! you from the uk? i swear im the only one from the uk on here

    anyways, hi!!

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    Hi miimii, nice to meet you, I am from the UK so you're not alone hehe.

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    yyyyyeeeaaaahhhhhyyyyy!!! well, welcome back to the forum where about in the uk you from, then again, you wouldnt want to say that, so just say what the closest big city to you?


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    I'm from East Anglia Beyond that I don't want to say.

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    I did almost the exact same thing the last time I posted my greeting by posting so late! I'm really tired now but I will reply to anyone who says hello in the morning.

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    Welcome to the site, and there are many members from the UK. I'm not one of them, hailing from Virginia, but we were one of your early colonies, if that counts.

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