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Thread: Who believes that there will be a time when AB/DL's have acceptance?

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    Default Who believes that there will be a time when AB/DL's have acceptance?

    I had this thought run through my head today about AB/DL's and them having a large bit of acceptance. I also have feelings that it may one day become a fairly popular trend. We here more and more AB/DL references in tv shows in this day, and as crazy as it sounds, I can imagine this trend actually reaching a good level of popularity. As ABDLism stands now, its just in its infant stage as far as I'm concerned, but still. What do you guys think?

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    sadly i dont think we will get acceptance, because human always disliked what they dont understand or different humans, only way to get acceptance would be when 51% of our world ppopulation would like diapers i guess

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    Never say never, there's always a possibility that AB/DL could go mainstream, but since there is so much stigma attached to diapers, it's not very likely in my opinion

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    It IS going mainstream. If I compare the amount of diaper lovers with how many there were 25 years ago, there are tons more now. (Obviously it is easier to meet up as technology has made it easier to connect.)

    Regardless of this fact, we have tons of people making personal areas and really opening up and taking pictures... really putting the fetish out there. People see this and it helps them accept themselves which has been steadily increasing our numbers.

    It will always be a taboo.. but it has slowly become a more accepted one.

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    Sorry to say it, but I don't think it will gain widespread acceptance. The best on which we can realistically count is that it will be less un-accepted.
    I mean, yeah, the number of people accepting it will probably rise somewhat, but not on some massive scale.
    Though it doesn't mean that we can't hope for the best.

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    Oh, it's going to take 50-100 years. But it will happen. It will still be a taboo but it will be like foot fetishes... everybody knows about it.

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    I agree with BabyMitchy. It will take some serious time, but we'll come around eventually. That's not to say that people won't think the fetish is weird. Our fetish is weird and that will always be true. However, I do think that we will be seen less of freaks that probably are pedophiles and more of people I don't understand but are fine as long as they keep their stuff private. Good enough for me.

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    Default Re: Who believes that there will be a time when AB/DL's have acceptance?

    I think it will become more common. That is in part due to the availability of diapers, advertising of them, and the later potty training age. It seriously seems that the diaper companies are finding ways to prolong the time that kids are in diapers.

    I'm 34, so when I was in diapers in the late 70's early part of 80, my mon used cloth diapers, there were disposables, but they were rarely used. I went from cloth diapers to cotton training pants to undies. When I was wet, I felt it. Now days the diapers wick away the wetness, kids don't know they are wet. They go from diapers to pullups to goodnites. All of them wicking the wetness feeling away; the child never gets uncomfortable in diapers, so they don't see a problem wearing them. It also books down to the parents and the timbre they spend with the kid.

    Do they just plant the kid in front of the tv our a toy and have no interaction with them? The only time the kid gets that close bonding attention is during a diaper change, and deep inside they long to continue that.

    Also the adult diaper market has exploded in the last 25 years. I remember growing up, my great grandmother was ill and diapered, the stores did not carry adult diapers, you had to call a home health company and order them. They also were not advertised either. The products of years ago, just like baby diapers have evolved as well, as we have too. 50 to 60 years ago you would not see a severely handicapped child or adult in public - societal norms were to have the person sent to an institution our keep them confined to home.

    The internet had allowed people to talk about once closeted desires like out is common conversation. I recently met another ab my age who has been into being an ab for 20 years, many thinking that he was alone; in fact I was the first person he has met in person.

    I do think that within the next 5 to 10 years there will be a, large population increase in the ab/dl community as the children of the 2000's come of age. This is partly due to the above reasons and the fact that we force our children to grow up way too soon and too fast. A grade school kid does not need to be learning algebra, have extra activities every night. We labor these kids down with so much responsibility that they don't get to be kids.

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    There will be a time when we are accepted by the majority, however if history is going to repeat itself, it will get worse beforevit gets better. The reason I believe this is a culmination of how people ARE afraid and resistant towards that which they don't understand, and the fact that the majority of the people are becoming more aware that we exist. With that increased awareness will eventually come potentially more violent response on behalf of the ignorant masses, however with time and strength there will come a time when that increased awareness and interaction (for better or worse) leads to a better understanding of us and we will then see much more widespread acceptance.

    Now, remember I said POTENTIALLY more violent, meaning it may just be more vehemence and verbal/social discrimination but regardless there will be a worse attitude before there is a better one.

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    At the day people don't use diapers, that is, they have found a better way than the diaper, that might happen. When diapers don't serve as the "general" function anymore, people might accept the reinterpretation of the usage of diapers.

    However, when diapers are not generally used like they are today, all the diaper factories we see today will be shot down. Which means people would never recognize the feeling of wearing them. When the diaper is just a history in your age, do you think you will know how it means to you? I don't think so. So, diaper lovers will not exist in the long run.

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