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    So, I was talking with my Mommy about getting a nightie after I move out. I am wanting one with a Disney Princess on it. Which got me thinking, who's the prettiest Disney Princess? I was personally thinking Jasmine or Tiana. Who do you think is the prettiest?

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    My pick would be Alice. : ] But they're all cute in in their own ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSpecterPrincess View Post
    My pick would be Alice. : ] But they're all cute in in their own ways.
    I agree, Alice is also very pretty! And yes, they are all pretty, but I just think some are more pretty than others ^_^

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    Jasmine is my personal favorite. A beautiful singing voice and beautiful black hair~ Oh, and her clothes are super pretty too~! Though Ariel is my second favorite; again, beautiful voice~

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    Snow White, no doubt. She sings, wears a pretty dress, and is friends with all the forest critters. She's the best ever.


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    Nala! Oh, you meant a HUMAN princess? Fine. D:<

    I'm going to say either Belle or Jasmine.

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    jasmine is beauty but i would prefer arrielle

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