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    Any baby diaper lovers out there agree?

    To me, Pampers Baby Dry 6 are bigger stretchier and softer than Cruisers size 7. Maybe they don't hold as much but I don't think any of us who wear baby diapers really rely on them to hold that much urine.

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    Actually, my own experience has been completely opposite yours. I can regularly stretch the tapes on Cruisers 7 to 1m apart. Baby Dry rarely comes close. In all other respects, the two diapers are identical in size. I find that the absorbency of Baby Dry is slightly superior when flooding or else doing anything other than going very slowly. When going slowly, the two seem about equal in terms of function.


    I provided some measurements here.

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    Wow, idk I feel like the Baby Dry stretch farther, idk. Both are good diapers though!

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    I personally found it easier to "fit" into the Babydry line than the Cruisers line. After trying Cruisers 7 and Babydry 6 I decided I preferred the Babydry line. However I'd probably explore Luvs in the future, I don't really find those diapers useful for much though so I tend to just look towards the ones made to fit me. =D

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