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    Default Hiii there!!!!

    Hi there! My name is Larry... Well it's actually Lawrence but that's way to serious for me :P. I did have another account but i got rid of that email and subsequently my adisc account so here I am! I live in Canada (no it's not always snowy, and I do Not live with polar bears!! :P). I love nature music and animals! I am soon to be moving on my own... YAY! Lots of stuff to order online (abu cushies as well as child like clothing . I hope to become an avid poster on adisc and I look forward to our future forum encounters!

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    Glad to hear it NukJams, well most of it anyway...that part about your old account being deleted kinda sucks. Still it's always good to hear that the community's alive and thriving, and don't worry I'm sure you will become an avid poster and a great addition here. After all practice makes perfect.

    I laughed about that part about how it's not always snowy up here in the Great White North, I guess some people can't wrap their head around Canada sometimes being comfortably warm too.

    A funny story about that, I was talking to my friend from the U.S. vie Facebook oneday and he asked me if rode a polar bear to school. It was hilarious, but I don't know where people get these impressions.

    Anyway before I welcome you to ADISC why don't you tell us a little more about yourself, hobbies, interests, passions (besides aspiring to become an avid poster).

    Consider this your first future encounter XD.

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    Well lets see... I play the guitar (not very well but i try xD), I play skyrim (elder scrolls video game) which is frickin awesome! I usually surf the net on my computer watching funny videos on YouTube :P I am also in the process of writing a story which I will post in the coming months. I usually listen to music while relaxing outside for hours on end! I also love animals of all sorts (check out the capybara). I am also seriously sarcastic by nature :P (if there is such a thing as seriously sarcastic XD)! And that pretty much sums me up (First encounter eh... Challenge Accepted!)

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    It ain't nothing but a party hey,
    From the early evening till the break of day!
    So step this way and let your mind be free......

    And by the way welcome to the party!!!!!

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    Hi NukJams, nice to meet you! I love music too, I liten to it a lot. I have started to learn the piano, and have played drums for years. I youtube a lot too.

    I like your name, is it a combination of a paci and pajamas or paci and music, or am I wayyyyy off?

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    NukJams is for the paci, of course! And the Jams part is for music! Although pajamas is also a nice addition to the Jams Definition! :P

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