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Thread: need some advice for holiday money budget

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    Default need some advice for holiday money budget

    Hi everyone

    I need some advice because i am going on holiday to las vegas and skiing in southern california next febuary and i dont know how much spending money to budget because i will need to have enough for 10 days worth of meals and what over spending i do. i will be only be spending a few days at the end of the holiday in vegas as well as the first night this because i am flying in/out of that airport. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Assuming that your lift tickets, hotel and flights are all taken car of and you dont plan to gamble a whole lor; $1200-$1500 should be ok.

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    You need to look up the menu's for a few places in each area online, and get a feel of how much your average meal is going to cost you.

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    Here's what I do whenever I have a trip planned. First get yourself a notebook and a pen and start writing down all the expenses you know the exact cost of such as room, flight, rental car. Write it in list form. so it ends up looking like this.

    Rental Car-$XXX

    Do this for all expenses and like Talula said, look up the costs of the restaurants in the area to see what you might be spending. if you don't know the exact cost, just estimate and then give yourself a little extra just in case. It is better to go with too much money than too little.

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