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Thread: Good, but cheep adult pullup

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    Default Good, but cheep adult pullup

    Hey guys, I am looking for an adult pullup that is at least as effective as the newer depends real fit. They are not great, but do their job. But they are > $1/pullup.

    Any thoughts or recommendataions?

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    What country do you live in? Can you order online? What is your waist size? How many are you after? What is the maximum you want to spend? We'll need some more information to help give you the best answer.

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    There's not much you will be able to find in stores. However, online you'll be able to find products that are made with better quality but pullups have their ups and downs. Tranquility pullups are pretty good. The store brand or Tena pullups aren't any better than the depends underwear. They are all made to meet bottom line rather than quality. Some are made with two baby diapers seamed together. Another bad thing is that they are made for a huge size range, unadjustable, and will feel very loose if you are on the smaller side of a certain size.

    Tranquility or Abena are the better brands. They are priced a bit higher but you'll probably be very pleased with the results. You can get samples packs at Tranquility's website and/or Abena samples from XPMedical.

    If you are looking for higher absorbency I suggest going with the diapers/briefs type of product. Pull ups are made for lighter incontinence, therefor it will be less absorbent. The cloth backed types are discreet enough if you want to try them but again store brands are made to meet bottom line. However, they are more "effective" than the pull ups.

    Be prepared to spend more when you want better quality.

    I see that you are new here "Just opening yourself up to this type of community?" and I would like to welcome you to ADISC.

    If you'd like advice on better products, discreet shipping options that you control when the products arrive at your house just ask.

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    Ordering online is no problem. I'm a 36" waist. I fit in most medium sized tape on diapers.

    I mostly deal with night time incontinence, though it's off and on it seems. I can sometimes go a couple months without a problem. It seems to get worse when I'm stressed or sick. And then it's every night...

    Lately I have had occasional day time accidents. Wearing tape ons during the day can be a pain.. Plus they are less discreet.

    All in all, I love wearing diapers, and have for most of my life.

    At night, I mostly wear abena's m4, though I recently ordered m3's and am really happy with them. They are not as thick, which is a bummer, but they actually fit better and are still super absorbant.

    I'd say 24/7s are by far the best diapers I have used, but are way more expensive than even m4's.

    So, any way, at this point, I am looking for a pullup that is comfortable, cheap, and can deal with light to medium daytime wetting.

    The depends real fit are better than their old pullups, but not great. I do like that they feel like I am wearing briefs, and I wear them instead of underwear, which is great. But, they are > $1ea, and are really only mediocre.

    I guess what I am looking for is a pullup that is either as good as the depends but cheaper, or way better and still around $1 per.

    Not sure I want to buy a case atm, but am happy for a 30 say supply or so.

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