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    So between my 3:05 and 6:30 classes today I went and walked down to Sinks Pharmacy, and bought my first set of diapers. They are not the most babyish with tape and whatnot, closer to pull ups, "Depends" brand. Which, for their cheapness and my limited budget, seemed like a good starter diaper after reading the reviews on here. To be honest as I only plan to wear in private I heard their plastic backing makes a bit of crinkling, which might make up for their pull up design. They are safely stowed away in my backpack (well closer luggage container-backpack combo with wheels.) And while their bulk means I must carry my binder so they will fit, I am excited.

    So then, my plans for this evening after those in my home go to bed, is to curl up in one, hug one of my stuffed animals, and drink a nice bottle of milk. Anything else you guys like to do to help with the feeling? Or are there any other readily available cheap kinds. (Limited budget) Overall I hope this proves to be an enjoyable night.

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    Maybe watch a low-budget Disney movie? Bud-do-do.

    In all seriousness though, kiddish movies remind me of when I was little so when I watch them it does "help with the feeling". I recently bought a footless sleeper from Giant Tiger (I'm Canadian) and I have to say, they help a lot too.

    So. 1. Diaper
    2. Kiddish clothes
    3. Bottle/pacifier
    4. Movie
    5. A caretaker

    That about sums it up. Have fun.

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    All but 2 and 5 I can do. "kidish" clothes rarely come in adult sizes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousOne View Post
    All but 2 and 5 I can do. "kidish" clothes rarely come in adult sizes.
    They do you just haven't found it yet, type what you'd like into Google and see what comes up because chances are someone, somewhere sells it. It may be a little pricey sometimes but you can find a surprising amount of childish clothing in adult sizes.

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    the pricey part being the problem, I am a full time college student, I can't afford pricey items.

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    Well how tall are you? I'm 5'4 but the clothes I bought were too big (it was the only size left) and baggy, they could easily fit someone around 5'6 to 5'7. Also they were only $17.99, I don't know about your current money situation but could you afford a under $20 onesy (hope I spelled that right)?

    I also heard that there are some good ones that fit "adults" at target. I would think that they're roughly the same price.

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    5"6 I guess o.O yeah if I can find such clothes for that price and manage to not make my purchase too obvious I might do that. (Can't drive, no depth perception and I don't live in town so walking is out of the question.)

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