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    one of the things i read is some traumatic events can have an influence. i can recall being embarassed when i was 5. my family was staying the night at my grandmothers. my grandmother knew i was a bedwetter and insisted on diapering me against my fathers will. when i woke in the morning i was wet and messy. i can recall my father telling me to get out of the living room because i stank. my grandmother then removed the diaper in the middle of the kitchen in front of other relatives. i can recall being very embarassed by it.

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    I was a poster child of traumatic experiences as a child. I was frequently verbally abused, was treated horribly over my bed wetting, was physically abused, was publicly humiliated several times, etc.

    So yea, all of this stuff has a lasting impact on our lives.

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    Remember one pushiment by my father - he obligated me to be with paci inside whole afternoon and my 3.5 years younger sister had a new toy... Horrible experience. I was 9 or 10, when it happened. For some stupid note from scholl, just I was very "Bart Simpson."

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    I remember my mom diapering me when I was about 5 or 6 on two or three occasions, at least, because I had wet the bed. Then she sent me out to play with my friends. To this day it drives me crazy that she was willing to punish me for wetting, I wet pretty much every night till about 13, but she would never let me wear diapers to sleep in.

    She totally never got that the diapers were only a tool for preventing the mess from someone who has control issues, like a baby.

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    my father would tend to make me feel inferior when i did something wrong. that likely contributed to my depression and anxiety. not sure if it reinforced the ab desires though

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