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Thread: Is cotton a good material to use to make your own cloth diaper covers? If not, what fabric do you suggest?

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    Default Is cotton a good material to use to make your own cloth diaper covers? If not, what fabric do you suggest?

    Hi guys,

    OK, here's a question for the big babies and toddlers here that love cloth diapers. In the future, I might buy the fitted diapers with the Velcro closures, sold at, and I was thinking of making my own diaper covers featuring various characters - Pokemon, Dora, Diego or Barney, whoever I feel like wearing over my diapers at any given time. I was thinking of making the diaper covers out of pale blue, green or pink cotton fabric (and possibly dark blue for special overnight-use covers). My question is, is cotton a good material to make diaper covers out of? If not, what fabric do you suggest (and personally I hope it's one that's somewhat soft to the touch, lol)? Thanks in advance for your help, guys!

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    I would not use cotton as a cover unless I plan on using plastic pants.

    I made some cloth diapers a few years ago. I used a waterproof fabric that was sold as a diaper cover. (My fabric store had a cloth diaper material section.)
    The fabric was a kind of soft vinyl that was washing mashine and dryer proof. It was very smooth and flexible. It was plain white.
    I sewed it with a cotton core with some leg elastic and velcro closure. I used a Tena diaper for the model. The result was ok. But my skills are not on par with my ideas.

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    Yeah, the diapers will need plastic pants or some other kind of waterproof cover. Cotton won't be enough. One option would be to make a cover using PUL (basically plastic-ized fabric), but the available prints seem to be fairly limited--no Dora/Diego that I can find, for instance. You could, of course, sew a cotton print over a layer of PUL or vinyl. Just make sure you aren't tucking the cotton inside at all, as otherwise moisture will wick out.

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    Call me crazy if you want, guys, but the following is what I hope to be able to do: Personalized diaper cover OVER plastic pants OVER fitted diaper. That ensures that leaking is pretty much impossible but will probably mean it will take longer to change lol. What do you think of that idea?

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    Sounds totally workable. Another thought would be to sew the print you want onto the outside of your diapers (might require some reworking of the Velcro closure) and then get some of the crystal-clear plastic pants so that you can see the prints easily. Then putting on your diapers is back to a two-step process.

    But your plan is fine too, and certainly requires the least sewing.

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