So I'm slowly (but surely) getting a pretty decent makeup table setup and stocked with all the little things that keeps me & us looking our best There are so many choices out there and it got me wondering what's your favorite brands? Do you only use "said" brand or do you mix and match?

Me personally I have a couple:
For special things I use Bobby Brown from Macy's it's pretty expensive so I only use it when something special comes up like a First date, Job interview or Holiday party

For everyday use I tend to just stick with Revlon & Cover Girl, both are pretty nice and I find they hold up for general everyday wear and tear

My whole family Mom, Sister, Aunt & Grandma all use and have at one time been Mary Kay representatives, I can remember a time growing up Grandma was ALWAYS getting new cars from Mary Kay as rewards, hehe I remember once she got a pink cadillac I mean really pink!!! but it's just to expensive for me

So ladies what do you use?