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    I'm new to all this so I'm having a lot of firsts. My latest one is sleeping in a wet diaper. It felt strangely nice, not as gross as I thought it would. Might do it again, though a messy one would be out of the question.

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    Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Be careful though, you don't want to overdo it and wake up in a wet bed!

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    Sometimes if my nappy is only slightly wet at bedtime I stay in it rather than changing and wasting it. I can't do that if its very wet though, otherwise I'll be waking up to a wet bed as well.

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    I wet smetimes after I change for bed or shortly after I get in bed. I will stay in it all night. Have yet had to getup to change a soaker.

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    Same here. I've not had a leak at night since I started wearing plastic pants over the top.

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    I don't intentionally wet before going to bed, but if I'm already wet I'll happily sleep like that (unless a leak is imminent). It's certainly a nice feeling to drift of to sleep too.

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    Being fully continent and generally unable to wet outside of standing or sometimes laying half propped up on my back, there's no way I could wet while sleeping. I also have a lot more trouble going in a diaper when my bladder is very full, so if I want to be able to actually use a diaper I wear while sleeping, I need to wet it before going to bed.

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    I accidentally wet the other night, not planned and did not have a diaper on. I awoke in mid stream, the bed was soaked. I do have a pad that has a waterproof barrier on the bed. Wetting at night happens now and then. If I am diapered wetting is normal, sometimes I wake up and drift back to sleep other times I sleep through the night.

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    I've been sleeping in diapers for 2 years non stop. I wt in my sleep at least 2 or 3 time a week. The other time, I wet consiously during the night and fall back to sleep. That being said, that's a lot of wet diapers and I prefer to sleep in a dry one. I sometime get up during the night to change my diaper if it's too wet. Mainly for confort and skin health issue. I wear high quality night diapers (Kendall Lille maxi, Tena Super and Molicare Super Plus.) If I wear something thinner, It's either a wet bed, of a diaper change during the night.

    On a side note, wetting during my sleep is something I can't beleive I managed to do. It's so great!

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