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Thread: What has happened to Egypt?

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    Default What has happened to Egypt?

    Through the last year or so I have been on and off following what has been happening in Egypt. It was amazing to see people rise up in that way and to see them achieve so much, but what became of it ? sadly from what I could tell nothing.

    I bring this up because of the recent drama over there of the man who was arrested recently after nearly being attacked by a lynch mob. The reasons both of those things happened was due to the man running an atheist FB good for Egyptian atheists and have had made some satirical comments on there regarding other faiths. Currently the mans where about is unknown.

    This is horrendous and to understand why it has come about you have to understand what happened after the first part of the revolution.

    This article sent to some americans recently from an Egyptian atheist explains it well. Also he had to send it over seas due to fear of persecution in being open about these views.

    Egypt from the Eyes of an Egyptian Atheist | The Atheist Experience

    I hope you some of the people here read that. I would like to you some of the views you guys have on this issue.

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    I think the author pretty much summarized how I feel about this:

    But to have religion in politics is something that must never be allowed, for even if a god(s) exists nobody knows what he/she/it wants.
    Had Christian Nationalists actually seized power in some way (and sort of do) in the U.S, you'd see the same sort of systems appear. Extremely conservative religious ideals seem to take hold more in a chaotic world because they provide some with an absolute sense of a why and how things are in that chaos. Certainly is a psychology to it, and a trend we often see repeat.

    I would never want to see even Paganism even slightly institutionalized or holding large power in government. As it's more radical forms I'm sure would seize it easily as they rabble off putting words in some deity's mouth.

    Just a further reminder what happens when one group has too much power, especially a group with a radical world view.

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