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Thread: Why Obama should be president

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    Default Why Obama should be president

    I have watched all the debates and have yet to decide who if rather have in office. I want to know why you guys think OBAMA should be president, but WITH OUT ANY BAD MOUTHING
    ROMNEY. what are your reasons, what policies do you like, or disapprove.

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    none of the answers that people here will give you will be nonpartisan and many of the "facts" that they will give will be greatly distorted.

    from someone who studies politics for about 6 years now, but admitting to being more on the liberal side

    Obama, coming into office, had very little experience. He never had to deal with budgets any where near what he is now faced with, he didn't have to manage a huge staff like he has now, and his scope of policy was no where nearly as rounded (more like squared but with soft edges.) Now we can say he has a considerable amount of experience, as any one would be stuck in that position as the job entails. He has saved the auto industry and has had some wins here and there but as far as tngable policies that are passing, he doesn't have many. He doesn't have those because, I believe at least, that he has difficulties engaging other politicians and striking deals that will satisfy both parties. But even with that...I could list a shit ton more but I'm tired I think Obama is the better of the evils.

    Because contrary to common belief, the president doesn't have as much power as people think they do. Most if not all of the policies that affect and effect you will be moved by congress and you should really be focusing on that. BUT the president can have sway on political mood and if the republicans are perceived as stronger then thu are more likely to move their legislation, like extending the bush tax cuts..that, financially not partisanly, does not make sense.

    ok goodnight

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    I agree that I should not get my facts from this form, I just want to see what every one else thinks. Thanks for the tid bit on the house reps. I didnt really think about looking them up.

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    Well just as a small addition to this that is from personal experience. If Obama stays in office, me and my wife will continue to get financial aid through the pell grant without having to be in school loan debt, while if the Romney Ryan plan goes through then approximately 2 million students will be out of a pell grant, and I don't have the money to pay for school or the desire to take out a loan that i will never be able to pay off... So there is one reason.

    Another reason is that me and my wife are not ready to have a child and don't want to have one for some time, and my wife has a severe hormonal imbalance that causes her to break out like crazy, the only thing that has ever worked for her acne is birth control pills because they regulate her hormones, if Romney is elected, birth control will be taken off the insurance plan and I will have to add another 100$ a month to my monthly bills along with the rent, the electricity, the dogs, the cars, etc. and I don't want that. A lot of people believe birth control is a choice and that is true, but birth control pills have much more benefits to women than just preventing pregnancy.

    I hope this doesn't sound like Romney Bad-Mouthing, I'm only speaking from facts and articles I've read and things I have heard in reports.

    Another reason that is somewhat of an inevitability when you vote republican (not necessarily just Romney) is that even though the country's debt will still go up more and more regardless of whether Romney or Obama get elected, I would rather that money go to funding for new jobs and better health care rather than going to war... and although I don't have any factual evidence that suggest Romney will go to war with Libya, i have no reason to believe otherwise because Republican presidents have proven time and time again that they like war, and in my personal opinion that seems more like a waste of money than spending it on Health Care and the Job market... even if it doesn't get any better. Because its not like war makes anything better either.

    Those are just some of my reasons for voting for Obama, im at work right now so I can't really get that much into it :P

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