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Thread: helloes from a crinkle husky butt ^^ *hugs*

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    Default helloes from a crinkle husky butt ^^ *hugs*

    hellos i am rob but in the furry community i am known as huckers the husky i am pretty much changed my act sence ive join the fandom several years ago.i live in the north east corner of Pennsylvania (wayne county) i do wear 24/7 cuz about 2 years ago i lost my job and was stressing so much it took a toll on my health witch lead me to be incontinent. i am 23 and still living with dad, me and him not see eye to eye cuz he thinks the diapers are just a fetish for me it is not.he knows i am gay and a furry witch he dose not like witch we got into a fight about and lead me to being in the hospital. right now i am currenty working for G4S security as a guard in wilkes barre PA (63 mile commute one way) but pretty soon hopefully being a guard at the wayne county prison. i am a sweet hearted person that loves to be cuddled and stuffs. i do have a facebook, PA furry account, skype and others.

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    Hi!! Welcome!!

    Just saying, I find your work thingy cool!!

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    Kind of weird to get talked to by a butt.

    Hello mr. butt!
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    Welcome to this site, it is always nice to see another padded fur come to the forums. Enjoy

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    awwws.. *crinklehugs* and welcome to the forum crinklehusky ^^

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