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    Well, I have been an AB for a long time now, and I think that I have pretty much accepted who and what I am, but now and again, I have what I call "Toddler Moments." Allow me to explain.

    Every now and then something will happen to me that can only be explained as such. Take for instance the other night. I was supposed to meet up with a friend, another AB, in a place that was decidedly not that kind of place. It was a radio station, where I am known professionally as well as he. So, I leave the coffee shop where I had been swilling iced tea all night and chatting on my laptop. Let me also add that I already wear diapers 24/7 for urinary incontinence. So, the station is less than 2 miles away.

    I get to the station and get out of my truck, realizing that something is very wrong. Not only did I get VERY wet, but I LEAKED EVERYWHERE!!!! Everything I was wearing got wet, as did my seatbelt and truck seat. I had to call him on his wireless in the station and explain that, while I did make it there, I would be unable to visit with him, and explained why. I had changes of diapers, since I always do, but not clothes, as this is something that I don't often have happen. So, I chalk it up to being a toddler moment, like someone over the age of 55 calling a minor brain fart a "senior moment." Another would be the time I went out for dinner with a friend, not an AB, that had to point out to me that I had dribbled not a small amount of whatever sauce it was I was eating, all down my arm, and right onto my white shirt. Perfect example of a toddler moment.

    Had any lately!


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    I have this huge grin on my face because I know exactly what you are talking about.

    I keep this part of me pretty well hidden from the outside world and certainty from family. I do have several AB friends, a couple I see IRL from time to time. There are times that we hang out together and one of us will inevitably do something, so something will happen to us, that would just never happen in the real world.

    I took a business trip about 4 or 5 years ago where I was headed to a specific County to assist them with an election. I worked for the company that produced the election equipment. It was just the next state and I decided to drive wearing a pretty good diaper. Her I am in the middle of nowhere, half an hour from my destination and I had not even had any single big wetting. I notice a small leak and I am conveniently close to a rest stop. The seat of my pants were soaked but I just changed my diaper and went on my way thinking I would be dry enough to get away with by the time I got to the hotel. Well it never dried and I found myself well diapered in the lobby with obviously leaked on pants. The clerk pointed out the all too obvious problem and I just smiled and said, yea I leaked.

    My ex wife was always annoyed that I could never pass the toy isle in a store without playing just a little, or setting off all of the noisy toys I could.

    For me a toddler moment can include lots of different things but always somehow involves my baby side leaking out when I am in otherwise adult or big kid mode. Far more than leaky diapers and playing with toys in a store.

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    Oh yeah I'll be in private or public and say or do somthing and realize that it was as if a toddler said or did it.

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    I thought we were all really toddlers having occasional 'adult moments'?

    Quote Originally Posted by txhippiekid View Post
    Another would be the time I went out for dinner with a friend, not an AB, that had to point out to me that I had dribbled not a small amount of whatever sauce it was I was eating, all down my arm, and right onto my white shirt. Perfect example of a toddler moment.
    I think most people have done something like that. The fact that you consider it to be a toddler moment is what makes it a toddler moment

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    I tend to dribble food and drink a little more than some people. I have a severed nerve in part of my mouth so sometimes things just escape my mouth. Usually people don't notice, but I'm always decently embarrassed by it.
    Had a leak once, but that was at home so no one found out. :/

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    I'm trying out bottles right now. And I love silicone. I was OBsessed with these Nubys I saw in the store a couple weeks back, and finally bought them today. Very good I am pleased with my purchase

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    i occassionally have toddler moments when i am not wearing diapers and i should be because sometimes i have accidents and when i have to go to the bathroom i say that i have to go potty or i sometimes say i wuv u or general toddler talk. I also have been spilling food and drink on myself alot lately when i have to be an adult and go to work. I have kept my AB/DL side from my family now that i am living on my own but when i lived with them they would not tolerate me wearing diapers and acting like a toddler so i moved out on my own when one of my friends offered me a place to live but i hide it from them too

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