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    I recently told my bf about my DL side, and he was very supportive. Its not really his thing but he is still down to try things with me etc. My question is what would we do with them together? Im just a DL, not an AB, and since he hasnt ever done anything with them and I havent either I dont know what we would do to have fun in them together. I want to have a good time but dont know what I would do so that he enjoys himself as well, anyone have any advice for me?

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    Well, the thing is, diapers CAN be a very sexual thing. Obviously he can smack / pat you on the bum or you can wear a wet diaper and well, look I don't want to go into any inappropriate details but it can be a sexual thing. For a lot of the babies like me the sexual part ruins it, but to each his own.

    Start off slow....

    Tell him you would like to wear around him. See where it goes from there. It can be your private journey together, experiencing and opening yourself up in ways you have never done before with anyone. It's a beautiful thing.

    In summary: Take it slow. See where it go! (Yeah, I wanted it to rhyme so I said it like that.)

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    If you want to make it sexual, he could change your diaper for you. There are a bunch of things that could lead to. Probably start off with a clean diaper, though.

    Otherwise, if you get him to wear, sometimes it's fun to go somewhere together diapered. Just knowing that he is padded too.

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    My story "A weekend with Kyrie" had some great BF/GF ideas, though I removed it from the forums because it was too naughty for ADISC......

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    Thanks for the replies. I do wear around the house and he knows, I just wanna do stuff with another person but because Ive only ever done stuff alone I dont really know what we would do. Ill keep the suggestions in mind though

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