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    Is anyone play Lord of the rings Online. Today they are releasing Riders of Rohan. You can get up to level 85. At level 75 you can have Mounted combat. Which I already tried tried it out and is really cool. Story lines really good and the game free 2 play up to level 85. You can earn turbine points and buy zones like Moria or Rivendell. Most of my toons are level 75.

    I was in beta and tried the mounted combat.

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    Played it for several years, until I had ĺ four months break and just started again. Loving it so far.

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    Just note there one issue with the game the Directx 10 and Directx 11 had issues the new release of Rider of Rohand which make most computers crash due to a memory leak. Trick to solve this is drop to directx 9 untel they fix the issue.

    But so far I have 20 toons. 2 Life time Accounts, 3 Lore masters 75, 2 Wardens 67, 3 Rune keepers 75, 2 Gaurds 60, 2 Burglers 66, Mini 60, Captain 60, 2 Champs 60+, Hunter 60+ and a few low level toons 30+ or higher.
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