Recently, a member shared this story with me.

With their permission, I'm now sharing it with you all.

The story tells of how they found acceptance and hope.

I hope it inspires those of you who are struggling with your AB/DLism,
reminding you that acceptance, and a bright future, are possible.

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Hi Moo,

First off, I just wanted to say thanks for having this site. I know you've had it for a long time, but I've just recently engaged with it. I have to say I came here for support and have received so much. I have been able to get help from members and even try and help by sharing my experience with others. I have even made a few friends with whom I have been able to share my whole story and they were accepting of me. Maybe soon I'll be comfortable enough to post it for everyone.

I had a horrible time as a kid growing up, and am in a marriage where I am not accepted for true self. I told my wife about my diapers, but she somehow thought I would grow out of them and has made me see psychiatrists that have given me meds to stop being AB/DL.

I am at a point where I have decided to start over. I don't want to be open in public, but I want the people close to me to be able to accept who I am. I know this will take some time, but without ADISC I would not even be able to be moving in this direction. I have gone from trying to kill myself in April of this year (long story), to barely getting by, to finding ADISC and finally being comfortable with who I am again.

I know this may sound lame, since I only joined 3 weeks ago. But I went from crying myself to sleep EVERY night. To looking forward to my day, and seeing what people have to say on ADISC, and chatting with them online. This site is what is enabling me to start putting my real life back together.