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Thread: joined because i need to talk to other people like me about ab stuff

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    Default joined because i need to talk to other people like me about ab stuff

    hi all

    trying to follow the introduction guide so i will try to answer the guide questions as best i am able to

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    without going into too much detail, i work in the manufacturing sector, which has been unstable the past couple of years in this area.

    2) What brings you here?

    based on what i have read on the internet in the past and present, i have ab tendencies with dl as a slightly lesser part. based on what this site indicates, i am depressed because of the fact that this does not fit into accepted cultural expectations and my own expectations.

    my ab involves nothing more than a pacifier and a diaper mainly because the other items such as a crib and playroom are much harder to hide. my dl i wont go into detail.

    3) What are your other interests?

    video games. recent games have lost alot of that simple fun that atari, nintendo, super nintendo and sega genesis games had. there are recent exceptions such as katamari damaci. recently i have been playing alot of genesis, snes and nes. recently bought Hyperkin's Retron 3 system. for a unofficial system, it works ok. audio and video quality is havent had too many major issues with it yet. i just think it's cool having all 3 in one system.

    bicycling. been doing more riding than gaming. helps to burn off the workday frustration and frustration with my ab/dl side

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    i am trying to understand more about me through conversations with other people who are the same. i am analytical, so please understand that things i might say are nothing more than observations and my understanding of the issue of ab/dl. I ABSOLUTELY have no desire to offend anyone here. i need the connection with people here so i can have conversations that i am not able to have with others who are not ab/dl

    i will try to not act too much like spock kirk out

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    Hello, great to meet you!
    You say you enjoy games,
    But perfer older games like nes, snes, gensis, etc. Im a bit younger so I didnt get to grow up around those consoles, but I did recently buy a nes, and a snes. And I m quite impressed, they are fun and very different from today's games, not just in graphics but in concepts and ideas
    You say bicycling is a hobby of yours, I've always wanted to get a bicycle to just rid around on trails but dont have the $
    Why not tell us a little more on your other interests/hobbies like movies or t.v shows?
    And Welcome!

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    hi canky

    you can get bikes in decent shape off of craigslist. you may have to do work on them to get them in good working order so it will last

    tv? i'm more partial to science fiction. liked x files because of the combination of crime mystery, espionage, and alien abduction science fiction
    like classic tv like mash, taxi, welcome back cotter. its cool to see some of the now famous actors before they were well known

    movies? a few top pics would be lord of the rings (the recent movies) and the entire star wars saga. saw the first one (episode 4) in the theater when i was like 5 years old. all my toys after that were space ships flyinng in to destroy the death star :-)

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    I've always enjoyed the X Files, in fact I used to watch it religiously
    Star wars is always awesome, as well as lord of the rings,
    So Sci-Fi huh? Very interesting shows and movies within that genre,
    Have you ever watched the Syfy channel?

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    dropped my cable several years ago. at that time i was playing the super long adventure games and wasnt watching cable. figured it was a waste of money. realy havent missed it. kinda strange i know

    i like adventure movies too. romancing the stone, of course indiana jones
    espionage type movies as well. bourne series, patriot games, clear and present danger

    comedies are a must when i am depressed. watched madagascar tonight. laughed my butt off. the first open season is good too. speaking of cg cartoons, looking forward to wreck it ralph. given my video game side, looks like it would be good. the trailer was hysterical. wreck it ralph is in a support group for former video game bad guys in the trailer. hysterical

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    All great films ("...bourne series, patriot games, clear and present danger...")
    And wreck it ralph looks awesome!
    Do you like horror? Horror games/movies, like the silent hill series, amnesia, dead space, resident evil series, or movies, like seven, pycho, the thing, the exorcist, the ring, silence of the lambs etc.

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    not into horror films. i did like the first resident evil. that game was good for scaring me. the hallway where the zombie dog comes crashing in. a friend of mine showed me that and i got spooked good.

    when the first silent hill was out for the psx, i thought it was good. didnt like it enough to buy it. i did see the movie and it was pretty good. most of the time the games that get made into movies arent any good. mortal kombat and super mario bros being examples

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    Quote Originally Posted by godhelpme View Post
    the super long adventure games
    This jumped out at me. What super long adventure game were you playing?

    Also, your user name jumped out at me. And the quote:

    Quote Originally Posted by godhelpme View Post
    i am depressed because of the fact that this does not fit into accepted cultural expectations and my own expectations
    My feeling is that if doing ab/dl stuff makes you feel good, is relaxing and is not hurting anyone, then why should you feel bad about it? You have nothing to be ashamed of.

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    Welcome Godhelpme, I see you are also a keen Retro gamer.
    I have spent the last few months collecting the classic consoles, at quite a cost I might add.
    I can see you will fit in just great here, so see you around.

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