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    Has anyone here tried First Quality Per-Fit diapers (the cloth backed pullup ones)? And if so is it worth it to grab a $25 case of 80? (they're normally $40-$60)

    Searching around I see the brand come up with good and not so good reviews for their different products, but nothing about these specifically.

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    Honestly I think depends are better then per fit. I've tried them and they leaked the first time. And I was dribbling it in with an instance of a tiny flood. Even stay dry ultra sucked and they are supposed to have leak guards. But of course those didn't work. I honestly use m2's during the day. They are about as discreet as the perfits but hold a lot more and it helps that theres no leaks
    So until they make a pull up like the cloth m2 or cloth m4. I'm stuck on diapers, which isn't so bad haha.

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    first quality products inc. - discreet institutional brief, large waist 44 - 58, 72 case

    these are my preference. more for the feel.they feel reasonably dry after the first wetting the absorbency isn't bad but when wet they leak easy because the padding is too close to the outside at the crotch and there is only one leg gather rather than the 2 that depends maximum protection has. no waist band either but they fit high on the waist.
    use only if you are at home and not all night. if you are incontinent then these probably wouldn't serve you well

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