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Thread: Need LAN/Computer Hacking Help

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    Default Need LAN/Computer Hacking Help

    hey, you guys might have noticed i was gone for a bit there (you did notice... right?)
    anyways, i had a bit of a mishap flashing my go 7900gs on my dell e1705/9400. so far i've tried telnet'ing, using remote desktop admin (on vista), did a few scans, ect. and although i can ping it and find open ports (135, 139) i can't seem to connect to it in a GUI manner (or even non-GUI would be nice to install VNC server).
    if i could get some help to a solution i could make you a personal mix of songs that you like (considering a used 7900 is going for around 220 on ebay ow).
    so thank you for your time and consideration on reading this. hopefully, i'll be back on my own computer soon...

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    So wait I'm a little confused. The video on your laptop is pooched and you're trying to get your files off it?

    Oh, and I was literally just thinking today that you haven't been here lately (your name was red!)

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    sorry about the confusion. what i am trying to do is get a remote admin access from my fiancee's computer to see what is going on on my laptop in order to see the boot process. thus, by seeing the boot process, i can reflash the video card to it's stock settings and repair my laptop.

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    Ahh I see...sorry, never really done something like that before - but I'm sure someone here will know something..

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    That sounds like a toughie. So your GPU was flashed incorrectly? That could either leave with with a borked firmware or no firmware at all. Try seeing if you can find a bootable utility that will flash it without booting your operating system, considering that it looks like you turn it on and see POST, etc. If you can't, try booting into a Linux distro LiveCD and see if you can boot that. If you can, get your files that way, and reinstall your Operating System.

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    it was a eeprom chip flash. so it's visual and on a laptop so i can't switch over to onboard video (laptops don't have onboard vid chips do they?).
    what i would like to do is build an autobat script for my usb stick to run nvflash with command -4 -5 -6 (to bypass invalid id match and eeprom write protection) or connect through port 135 or 139 to get a gui interface and flash it again from cd by that method (so i can see what i'm doing). the latter seems easier though.

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    get the drive out, hook it up to another computer, and work your way up from there...

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    First of all, graphics cards, from what I can tell (at least not desktop versions) don't have re-writable flash chips. Secondly, since it's a laptop, the graphics chip is soldered to the motherboard, so you can't just swap it like you can on a desktop machine.

    So if the graphics chip has gone, only thing you can do is send it back for repairs. If you do that, ask if you can take the hard drive out, it will usually come back wiped.

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