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Thread: Night time wetting

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    Default Night time wetting

    For those of you who have managed to start wetting while you are asleep, about how long did it take you after you started wearing at night? Waking in the morning wet and not having woken up is something I really desire.

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    After about a year I started waking up on occasions wet. It has been almost 2 years now that I am diapered every night, and I wake up wet just about every morning. The trick is to make sure you drink pleanty of liquids before bedtime.

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    I woke up while I was wetting the other night and I've been wearing for a year

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    Didnít keep a log, but Iíd say it was two to three years before I regularly wet in my sleep without alcohol. And another couple years before I started to wet when I didnít plan/hope to, that is without extra fluid and diapers.

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    I still have to wake up to wet, but I still do have occasional wettings that I sleep through, but just drink lots of fluids before you go to bed.

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    I still have to wake up to wet. Once after about 4 monthes, I woke up as I started to wet my diaper, but that is as close as I've come.

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    I don't often wake up wet, maybe twice a week. Have been wearing at night for about 2 1/2 years.

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    Until about a year ago I had been wearing every night for about 6 years or so. It did not take long for me before I started wetting in my sleep but it was not just an automatic thing. Here are the things that really made it happen for me.

    1. I would not generally go potty before bed but I would also make sure I did not have a full bladder. As long as I had plenty to drink before I went to bed and I had something in my bladder there was a better chance of me wetting in my sleep.

    2. I would make sure I had a safe environment in which to wear diapers. Privacy is important, if you are alone even better. Diaper selection and bed protection ended up being critical for me. If I was not confident in the diaper I was wearing I would not be able to carry out the rest of the process.

    3. Well padded in a safe situation I would literally meditate to relax and during this process I would give myself permission to wet the bed. In the first couple of weeks I would lay there and go through that process until I wet, not peed, but until I had relaxed my ladder and muscles enough that I just wet. There were some days that I could not accomplish this and I discovered that a really full bladder caused enough discomfort that it was not possible for us t wet.

    4. Under complete relaxation and giving myself complete permission to wet I would eventually fall asleep. I found that near the end of the second week I was waking up sometimes wetting in my sleep and I would continue the relaxation technique. I also found a number of times that I actually woke up much wetter than I was when I had fallen asleep.

    Eventually I stopped taking the time to allow myself to wet before I fell asleep, although I followed the same process. I just allowed myself to fall asleep in the completely relaxed state having given myself full permission to wet. The very first time I did this I woke up wet, soaking wet. From that point forward I eventually eased up on the process, although I persistently gave myself permission to wet in my sleep. By the time the first couple of months had passed I was literally wetting without any effort nearly every night.

    Interestingly there were a few times that I decided to go to bed without a diaper during this time, either because I had actually started tiring of being diapered every night or just for a brief break. On these nights I still wet the bed, which kept me diapered for quite some time.

    About a year ago I was running short on diapers and decided that I needed a break from wearing at night. I actually had to go through a training process to overcome the nightly wetting. The cool thing is that from that point to now, when I wear a diaper to bed I will wet most of the time without even thinking about it. When I am not diapered I do not usually wet in my sleep although I do have an occasional accident, especially if I have been diapered for several days in a row.

    I suspect the three key elements were the security of a diaper that was unlikely to leak, the relaxation and training my bladder to just relax and release as though there were no muscle control, then the conscious and subconscious reminders across quite a bit of time that it was ok to wet, literally giving my body permission to wet in my sleep. While all of this can take some effort to accomplish the results are truly wonderful.

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    Cool thanks for the info! I will definitely try these techniques, and hopefully soon I will be able to wet the bed!

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