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Thread: Abnormal likes, and lifestyles - Norm Comming Soon

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    Default Abnormal likes, and lifestyles - Norm Comming Soon

    Hey there I am making a program called norm, I had a few hit backs on my game just cos the no one seems to give 2 darns that someone would spend all this time programming for there them I got very depressed with it so its on hold until I feel well again with it.

    But I have been playing with the idea for a like/dislike program its called norm and its no longer a idea I am making it, what you do is you post the thing you like and love what others find abnormal, people can view them and like them or dislike them more dislikes the more abnormal they might be, more people liking really shows you that its not really that abnormal, the user can then also add that abnormal thing to there list if they do it also.

    So I am looking for a few things to add in to the software before it is released so when people sign up and login have a view some abnormals and become part of that.

    Can you help with a list of things you like but you think others think is abnormal, please don't say abdl as this is not a abnormal like to many to many its hidden I would rather have the starter list that is public to all not hidding, abdl wll be added by me or a user later.

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    sounds like the multiple/user input polls on facebook. Only with a like/dislike for each category.

    Fail to see how this would/could catch on.

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    It might catch on if there is a comment section. Some people enjoy flaming others when they see an alternate lifestyle to which they have no understanding. That could become very interesting. You know how most random people respond to diaper wearers, and it's not pretty.

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    Comment system might be added latter on but why wouldn't it catch on? this software lets you like or dislike, its not just for diaper wears its for ALL abnormal things like some people rich tea biscuit are abnormal, its a bit of fun. This software is nothing like any facebook system as facebook even tho there is a comment system does not let you dislike something and keep a good tally of that dislike options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
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    Hey BabyMitchy, thanks I hope to have something for people to play with in a few days I just fixed a big problem I was having so now its just getting the little things to work now.

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    Just seems something that's not needed to me. Also it would require anonymity which opens the door for places like 4chan or SomethingAwful to skew results.

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    I think it sounds like a fun idea. I would check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Just seems something that's not needed to me. Also it would require anonymity which opens the door for places like 4chan or SomethingAwful to skew results.
    Why would it open the door for a image board to to skew the resutls? plus the members of 4chan are still humans, so there votes on things don't skew anything, and this kind of software is not needed, but just like this website its not needed, many things are not needed, its not about need its about some fun, the software is coming along nicly.

    @Wazzle if you like to see my day to day updates please PM me and I will PM you my facebook I post on there ever few hours updates, making a new UI at the moment for it and slowly doing some nice things for it.

    No comment system still thats still a maybe but I am able to return all the topics, what I want just need to do the add topic and voting parts to it now.

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    Really having a problem with style on the software, could people post links or image of there fav apps it can be on any OS just so I can get a idea what people like.

    lost my DB to this software but I still have the files and client so just have to rebuild the DB painful lol but not end of the world
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