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77. You may not vote on this poll
  • Barack Obama

    47 61.04%
  • John McCain

    22 28.57%
  • Other party (green or other)

    6 7.79%
  • Do not wish to vote in this election

    2 2.60%
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Thread: Adisc Mock Vote

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    Default Adisc Mock Vote

    OK, seeing as the Election is in less than two days I thought we could have a Mock Vote. You do not have to say who you are voting for, just vote and it will be kept confidential.


    The Democratic Nominee, The Blue- Barack Obama


    The Republican Nominee, The Red- John McCain

    I am curious to see who will win.

    This ballet closes Tuesday Morning, so if you would like, vote. Lets see who would be the President that represents Adisc the best.


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    As a Canadian I dunno if I'm allowed to. Buuuuut since it let me I did anyway

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    Well, I marked off that it was "Adisc Mock Vote" I really just want to see what wing the Adisc population would mostly fit into.


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    I voted "don't want to vote" because I didn't really follow this election.

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    Thank you for being honest, Point.


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    I'm for Obama/Biden myself. Though, in the actual real life voting, it doesn't matter, because I'm not old enough to vote.
    But good on ya for this mock poll! It is nice to see people's different opinions

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    wow im scared to see what the real life one is going to turn out to be

    * prepares to pack her bags to move to Canada just in case*

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    I voted Obama...But I have to ask...How is this one different than the other Presidential polls on here? I know Kova...Kova...The Russian (before his name change) has at least two

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    Not really sure. I just wanted to make a final one without all of the

    "I am voting for _________ because _________"

    I just wanted a simple answer, and if people changed their minds they have a chance to voice that here.

    Why, Pojo, do you want this closed or something? Does it bother you in some way?


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