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Thread: Favorite foods from now and then.

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    Default Favorite foods from now and then.

    I had a topic like this before but it didn't get a lot of response. So I still want to know.

    what are some foods that you guys ate as kids that you enjoy and brings back memories of you as a little kid.

    for me it is mac and cheese with apple juice. (i am eating it now which is why i thaught about it.)

    and another thing that is weirder is banana pudding. i remember eating it in preschool.. Also chocolate milk because it is awesome.

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    Lunchables! Ego Waffles, spaghetti o's

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    Well, its not so much the food as it is the presentation. I still love mac and cheese, hot dogs, buttered noodles, pancakes etc., but what really makes a difference is how these things are served. For instance, is my hot dog on a bun or is it cut into little bits that i have to eat by hand?

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    Kraft Dinner, Pogos (corn dogs), grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, alphagetti, lunchables... too damn many to list.

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    Default Favorite foods from now and then.

    I also always liked cheese sticks

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    Back when I was young I don't remember what favorites were as most were made from scratch. Wienies and sauerkraut and goolash were probably some of my favorites.

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    One that I've not had since I was a kid (used to get this as a 'treat' at my best friend's place) is Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tumblr_kwo162SxzN1qaszhfo1_400.jpg 
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ID:	14787. I can't imagine ever eating it again....but I loved it when I was a kid.
    One thing that I have eaten as an adult that I loved as a child was FRESH home made bread with butter and sugar! So yummy! I need to get a breadmaker again so I can make bread (I'm far to lazy to make the way my mum did! LOL)
    Another thing that I miss (although I have had them as recently as 4 years ago) is home made Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cake-doughnut-recipe-250.jpg 
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ID:	14788! Loved to watch my mum make these when I was small. She always did the 'holes' and let us eat them when they were still warm...mmmmmmm yummmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!! I think I need to learn how to make these!

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    Default Favorite foods from now and then.

    We used to make fried chicken in the deep fryer in our back yard but we never do it anymore.

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