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Thread: Need to get out of my hovel

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    Default Need to get out of my hovel

    One of the problems with this era of technology is that you often find yourself entranced with all the things they can offer. Video games, internet, etc. Unfortunately, this also leads to some getting too caught up with technology, and never spending time with family or friends.

    And that is where I am having issues. I know I have friends, both nearby and in other towns. I have family close to me, especially with me living with my father. However, I keep looking up from my keyboard and realizing that...I've only had some quality time with them a few times. I never take the time to get up from my computer and go out and see if they want to hang out.

    I go out for walks and such, but it isn't getting me talking to anyone. It's just me getting out to get exercise, and even that is a challenge for me, what with me weighing close to 100 kg with no signs of it receding.

    I have had ample opportunities to meet new people, both in uni and through sport. Yet, I keep falling behind in the challenges they offer, and I find myself constantly dropping them. I am going to be starting uni again next year and starting archery next month, and I want to make the most of it.

    So...I kindly ask, fellow diaper community. Do you have any tips to help this lazy and depressed hermit get out of his hovel and experience life again?

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    I remember when I was 10 years old and I had bought my first copy of StarCraft. I was playing it on the first computer we owned (IBM Win 98) when my friend showed up and started talking to me through the window, "Wanna go to the pool?" I looked up from the screen and said "But I'm playing Starcraft!" He answered "Come on man Starcraft is always gonna be there later. Let's go." So I shut her down and went to the pool and had a fun day.

    That was 12 years ago, and now I'm more or less doing the same thing to him nowadays since he "...just can't get out of the house!"

    What I find that helps a lot getting out and about, is having a schedule that's pretty packed with activities that don't involve technology and keeping an active day for exercise and friends. The sticking point with this is...sticking with it. It's about making it routine and second hand. If you fall out of the routine, you kind of fall out of it all together. Last year I was working out and got sick a work out day, then my schedule got messed up and fell out of it fast. When you stick with it and make it a priority, you tend to prioritize your other time too.

    Every week I got some fun thing planned with friends. Make a game night, for example. Or go out and about for a walk together. Me and my 1 friend explore the woods, me and my gamer buds play Halo every weekend.

    So find a couple fun events and things to do...and stick with em.

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    The best I can tell you is to just know your limits and to work on your self-control. I mean if it means that much to you to develop friendships, then stick to it. I use to play WoW for hours on end, but when the weekend came I would spend it with my friends because spending time with my friends means a lot to me, even though it was tough for me to log off, the moment i left and spent time with my friends I forgot about what I was even doing on the game.

    If it is really as important to you as you are stating, stick to it and you'll notice that you care more about your friends and family and acquaintances than you do about video games/tv/ etc. and if you have that hard of a time controlling your desire to play video games, then do as Geno suggest and pack your schedule with activites that keep you away from technology (and that you obviously enjoy)

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    You still can spend loads of time playing and even more time with family and friends. You just gotta put them as your priority. I still spend a lot of time doing activities, sports, and socializing. Yet, on the weekends I game for usually more than 5,6 hours straight.

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