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Thread: I feel like an hypocrite somehow

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    Default I feel like an hypocrite somehow

    Okay let me start with this I'm an TB/DL, Furry, Gay and many other things. But sadly my Religion forbids it. In this point there are usually two choices. 1. I'll become Atheist 2. I'll try to be "straight" again. And yet here I am still try to being Muslim I feeling such an hypocrite now I still do my pray even though Quran said my pray is unacceptable because of my things. And a friend of mine who knows who I am. Although he never opposed it. He worried that if I keep doing this I will go straight to hell.

    So my question is this Am I an hypocrite? How can I feel comfortable of who I am? I like to be myself but it seems there always an obstacle. I know that most people on ADISC don't talk much about religion but i appreciate every comments.

    Some added details from Skar comments The thing is if Allah did allowed Gay then why he destroyed the People of Sodom? It's written in Quran Allah destroyed people of Sodom because the man conduce an "Lustful Act" Against each other. I try to use Skar argument everytime but my friend than reminds me that verse of Quran
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    I would love to help, but I truly do not know how to respond to that, cuz I never like to get involved in religious conversations.

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    This is difficult for me to offer advice to. I'm not very familiar with Islam but I still understand exactly what you mean. I have said this to you a few times before but I'll say it again. I know that Muslims believe that Allah arranges everything in heaven and on earth. If he didn't want Muslims to be gay of infantilists or furries, then he wouldn't allow it to happen in the fist place.

    If your god didn't want you to be gay, then he wouldn't have made you that way.
    Hope this helps,

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    I'm sure you can find an online LGBT Islam support group that can help you better than I can.

    Maybe this can help you with being a furry Muslim Furs on Fur Affinity

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here, I found this for you Imaan it's an LGBT Islam support group which I hope can make you feel better.

    The true cause of homosexuality is unknown but it can occur to all people's of ethnicities, religion or social status. I'm just hoping that all of this that I've given you is enough to help you.

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    I think the problem here is that you are dealing with the dilemma that results from wanting to believe in something, as opposed to actually believing in something. Your life experience, and the things you know to be true, conflict with the things you have been told to believe by your religion. But because you have been raised to think of things through the lens of your religion you have an internal conflict, as these are the things which from your perspective are supposed to be true though the aren't in actuality.

    I think that though you don't want to acknowledge it, on the inside you don't believe in islam. Or at least not in its traditional form.

    As for you two listed options, I don't think that it is possible for you to change your essential nature, i.e. become straight, as you are who you are. As far as abandoning you religion goes try not to think of it in as clear cut terms as Islam or Atheism. It is not just one or the other, and you don't have to try and conform to one set of beliefs or another. The only thing one can and should do is find and seek truth. No matter what you find the truth to be, that is what you should accept regardless of your sentiment. Truth is found not in doctrine, but through relentless searching in all areas of life. With your inherent power of reason you have all you need to find truth for yourself.

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    Well, given their ages, books like the Quran and the Bible are very conservative and written under a period where humanity wasn't so open-minded and "free". That does not mean Allah hates you or you should not be muslim, it only points that, during the period it was written, mankind had different cultures and thoughts and could not understand how homossexuality works, and how it is 'not a choice' nor a disease. And, of course, people were way more ignorant and intolerant.

    I know the Islam differs a lot from christianism, but there are lots of gay christians and lots of branches of christianism who are very acceptant on that subject. You don't have to feel hypocrite. Just, relax... Above your religion, there is being good or bad. If you have integrity, morality and virtues like that, you should not worry. Being a good person matters way more than being from any religion.

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    I certainly know how you feel. Recently I had to face huge questions in my own faith. I forced myself to seek the truth, no matter how difficult, and I have come out of it with a vastly different perspective on life. I'll refrain from sharing my current beliefs regarding religion, but I will echo PacifiedByKnowledge in strongly encouraging you to ask the difficult questions and seek truth. You will find the right path

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    To me, it seems this question really boils down to whether or not it is within the nature of God to accept these sort of things. That's an awfully deep theological question that's not likely to ever be answered once and for all, no matter what. You feel these parts of you don't allow you to completely, truly honor the God you follow. Not the God you have been described. But really, and this goes for all religions; your personal religion is your personal religion. It's not what you are told, or what you read that a muslim "should" believe, but rather what you yourself believe. So the question is: do you believe God would accept it? Does it makes you happy, and do you think your God would encourage that happiness? Is there something fundamentally sinful about any of it? I mean, can you yourself see this supposed sin in it? I'm really not trying to lead you in any direction in these questions whatsoever, they are all for you to decide, but my point is that you should reconsider. Not primarily whether you should remain a muslim, but whether you yourself believe these parts of you that you mention are fundamentally wrong. If you don't believe it, it's not your belief, and if it's not your belief, it shouldn't be your religion. That doesn't mean that you can't still be a muslim, even if you do disagree with what you've been thoughts in these matters. Everyone has their own religion, their own, personal, unique beliefs. If yours differ from those around you, there's nothing wrong in that. You can still believe in the same God, the same truth, the same ethics, the same rituals and so on and so forth, but if you don't believe what you're doing is a sin, then you shouldn't believe God will punish you for it. If you after long consideration, and that's something you'll have to go through yourself, still think it's a sin, then you should ask yourself if you can really do anything about these sides of you. But really, it's all for you to decide. You are the master of your own beliefs, no matter what.

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    Hello Archer. I hope that the people who have posted before me have helped you some and I have come to offer my short piece of advice—you don't have to follow anything Islam says to accept Allah. Similar to what someone above said-your personal beliefs don't have to conform to what those around you, or a book, say. As long as you are happy there is nothing wrong with it.

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    The Quran almost certainly does not say anything about being a furry or being an AB/DL so I certainly wouldn't worry about either of those affecting your religion, the homosexuality aspect may require some thinking though and you may find a way to rationalise the two together or you may have to decide to lose your religion because changing your sexuality is essentially impossible (despite what some people will tell you).

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    Asalam Alaykum Archer. Don't take this the wrong way as I'm only trying to give sincere advice from a fellow Muslim, but this probably isn't the best forum to be asking this question since there arenít many people here that know enough about Islam to give correct advice.

    First of all, you said you have 2 choices and one of them is to become atheist. Now I want to ask yourself why would you would want to become atheist? Is it because you donít believe in Allah, or thereís something in Islam you donít agree with, or you want to be able to do whatever you desire, or this feeling of sinning while being Muslim makes you feel like a hypocrite and it hurts real bad, so becoming atheist would take that pain away?

    If become atheist because you want to be able to be gay/tb/furry/etc freely, I say that is an invalid reason as long as you still believe Islam is the truth. By doing that, you are willingly rejecting Islam and you know that wonít turn out well. If there is something in Islam you donít agree with, you should do some research from valid sources to clear up any doubts.

    No, you are not a hypocrite. Do not despair of the Mercy of Allah (SWT). In Islam, we are not punished for our desire, but we are for acting upon it. This means being gay is not in a sin in itself, but engaging in homosexual behavior is. You are being tested by Allah (SWT) and will be 100% guaranteed a reward for your patience and restraint. Your friend can not say that you will go straight to hell if you continue these sins since only Allah (SWT) knows our destination and He can forgive who He Wills. Although, this does not make it ok to sin.

    Please respond with any possible questions/concerns and I ask for your forgiveness if I offended you in any way. I also ask Allah (SWT) to forgive me if have said anything incorrect.

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