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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Cool Hi Everyone

    I'm happy to be hear and just saying hello. I'm looking forward to being part of this site. I wear diapers 24/7 and I'm an AB but I also have a big bro / daddy side.

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    Hello and welcome! 24/7 you say? Wow! I couldn't imagine... I think that would be too much for me... I could imagine a weekend or a week...

    Anyway, I see you are into art and nature.... what else can you tell us.... what makes you tick... what makes you.... you? We'd all like to get to know you better!

    As far as art is concerned I am not actually that creative. =( I can create art.. but only because I can copy something that I see. If I was asked to create something from nothing It would look awful!!!!!

    Welcome again!

    I like hugs....

    - Mitchy

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    Hi Mitchy...thanks for the reply. Yes I am 24/7 and have been for a couple of years now. I made the commitment when I just decided it was time to accept it and enjoy the feeling and security of diapers full time. It's been amazing. I had done long stretches of 24/7 since college but I think the turning point for me was that I'm working at home, I have open-minded and supportive friends and I just love the feeling of being in diapers all the time. It's harmless and makes you feel good...what more could you ask for. I use them both as underwear and for their intended purpose depending on my mood. I carry a very discreet diaper bag which is a soft, gray shoulder bag / biker's bag. I love both Bambino and ABUniverse products. I cannot get enough of the crinkly sound and the snug feeling...the "hug" feeling I get from diapers. If those who have to wear 24/7 can deal with it and make it part of their lives, I figured I could too.

    I love art...and I've been a life long artist. In fact I'm a professional artist and I'm represented by art galleries. I live in the desert area of California and love the rugged nature of the Mojave. The desert and the West in general is very important to me as inspiration as an artist and someone who loves nature. I love hiking and biking.

    And...everyone is an artist or creative in some fashion. Art doesn't have to be your "art", it can be anything from cooking to business or anything that you love or are passionate about. Drawing is fun and it can be learned. I'm sure you're not as bad as you say. I've taught many people who said they were terrible how to draw.

    Thanks for the welcome and I LOVE hugs too!

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