For starters, I know that the title may fit quite to the topic but it was the only thing that I could think of.

Diapers/Nappies always cease to amaze me. There are so many new techniques of making them easier to wear totally by accident. For instance, I live in Australia and one of the baby nappy brands we have here are called Babylove. I always had a sort of kinship towards this brand as it was one of the first that I ever bought and used. Anyhow, One day while I was trying to stretch the tabs to fit, I kept pulling them to hopefully make it reach and what do ya know, it actually stretched! Turns out that the elastic in those nappies were A LOT stretchier in the tabs compared to a "stretchier waistband"... Like we need one of those!

After that they became my favourite nappy of all time as I could now comfortably fit into them and they were also cheap and convenient to purchase. Well... as convenient as buying nappies is when your trying not to be seen by someone you know. The problem is that just recently they changed the style of the nappy for all the other sizes to replicate the newborn's new 'drywave technology'. At first I thought this would be a good thing but upon purchase I was sorely mistaken.

For starters, I liked the older designs better but more importantly, they changed the tab style to mimic other competitor brands and now the front panel is shorter and the tabs no longer stretch like they used to because all of the stretchy goodness was moved to the waistband. Now to the part of where I found out something of more use to me and possibly to others. I was trying to stretch the waistband and as some of you may have done before, I accidently ripped it all the way down the leak guard.

Upset about the destruction of one of my nappies, I tried to put on anyway, in hopes of possibly somehow salvaging it. I realised that both the tabs could reach because of the rip and then decided to try and put another one over the top to cover the hole. By attaching the tabs from the first nappy onto the second layer's front tab, I then applied the tabs from the second layer nappy to the sides of the first and effectively made both the nappies fit with double the padding.

I hope everyone understood what I meant because I know a lot of other people have mentioned from time to time that they put two baby nappies together to make a comfortable fit but I was always unsure of what they meant and how they accomplished that with major leaks.

A question I now have for other users who were able to read all of this with out clicking the 'back button', do you have any tips or techniques you would like to share on how to make that tight squeeze a little more comfortable?

Perhaps you have some personal experience in the matter.

All comments are welcome!

p.s. Before anyone decides to burst my bubble by saying something like "Baby nappies are designed for babies and not adults" I would like to state the few reasons why I choose to wear baby nappies over adult ones.

1) They are a better value for money. Instead of paying $15 for 10 nappies, I can pay the same price for 30!

2) There is a lot less suspicion in buying baby nappies. Many people buy baby nappies but few people actually but adult incontinence wear.

3) I think they are generally cuter than adult nappies.

And lastly...

4) The town or region for that matter only has two brands of adult incontinence. Tena which only includes pads and light pull-ups which do practically nothing and Depends which is only available in Large for the belted or fitted briefs, both of which are too big and leak badly.

Thank you... Now, on with the show!~