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Thread: Diapers + Halloween! (costume ideas)

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    Thumbs up Diapers + Halloween! (costume ideas)

    I came up with a few ideas of how you can wear a diaper on halloween and not just be the generic baby costume:

    -Toddlers & Tiaras: You wear a fancy dress, a crap ton of make up, a sash (saying beauty queen or something), a paci, a diaper
    -Rugrats: Dress up as Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil or something!
    -Baby New Year: Top hat, Sash saying 'happy new year', diaper
    -Stewie from family guy: yellow shirt, red overalls, diaper

    w0o0o00ooooooooo fun, if you have more ideas, feel free to add them

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    I would only do toddlers and tiars if I wasn't alone otherwise I think I could pull off a Tommy how about you??

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    Baby New Year sounds like it could be fun. :P

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    A person could do furry for halloween and probably wear whatever kind of diaper they wanted and get away with it.

    A better idea was stated above.. put together a costume that requires a diaper. In tons of halloween stores they have big baby costumes. In my town theres a store selling 'big baby diapers' (disposable adult diapers). they look really fun and i'm gonna wait until closer to halloween to go buy one. I'm gonna wait so that everyone who wants to be a baby for halloween will get to buy one. And if they sell out oh well, at least ppl got a sweet diaper for halloween. I've seen pictures on the net of ppl doing rugrats for halloween. I'd want to be chuckie so i could wear training pants lol and unlike tommy he's got the decency to wear some shorts lol.

    This halloween imma be a school girl, and even though I'm gonna wear panties to a contest and to work, i'm gonna take some pictures with some girls goodnites on.

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    This may sound strange, but I want to go as a Game Boy. The diaper is like my battery; it has a definite capacity, and is prone to leaking.

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    I DJ an annual Halloween party so I have to be careful what I do. But I actually kind of think a zombie child might be just zombied up enough to fool people into not really getting the big "secret." It would consist of zombie makeup, a kiddy hat, overalls, cute printed shirt...pacifier...... oh... and a diaper underneath of course.

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    I wear a diaper every Halloween, it doesn't really matter what you are as long as you can cover your diaper, Sometimes I have a cape and black pants, sometimes a fursuit type outfit, and once I didn't cover my diaper, but, I went as a baby... Only because my friend asked me to go as a baby

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    Oh yeah I know... but I wanna go as a kid with a paci and stuff and adding the zombie factor seems to be the way to go... lol

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    I normally do every haloween. Almost like a tradition. But I don't let it show though. Last year though i dressed up as Michael myers and wore the one piece janitor like suit with a diaper under. it shows a bit but since i was wearing a mask no one knew it was me. It's alot of fun. Just wear a good diaper so it doesn't leak.

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    I am going to a party this year as Tommy from Rugrats I cant believe some one else thought of that.

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