If you're like me, moving around from place to place (due to CFS (foster care)) you know what it's like to have to adjust to "new terrain" figuring out those "special spots" and what not. I've recently moved again and have been slipping up but nothing to bad. The other day I thought I would attempt the free sample method not knowing whether or not the people I live with have a habit of "peeking" at other's mail, but since they're family and I know them enough to know how they may react I decided to order a Tranquility sample, well two of them so 2 packs of 2. When they arrived my gran had answered the door (I was busy eating not knowing they had arrived) and she came to me saying "these samples came in for you just now..." I surprisingly looked at her and questioned "what samples?" (playing it off)unfortunately she DID peek and told me that they were pampers and giggled, I simply laughed it off with her to avoid any suspicion and told to leave it in my room and I'll deal with them after. later that evening I took one pack of 2 and left the other pack and brought it downstairs (about to attempt to remove any and all suspicions) and gave them to my gran telling her "here, I don't what to do with these" she looks at them and starts laughing and puts them away. The only thing that I'm sure prevented them from thinking anything of it was awhile ago I decided to prank my older brother (when he lived there) by ordering him a free sample lol. In the end, I got (half) my samples and got away with it with my family knowing what happened, so it wasn't a bad thing that it happened, as I can use that experience to "joke about wearing" xD. some family members do know about it though, so they knew what was going on but kept quite for me