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    Ok so the other day, I got into my diapers, got my paci, and a baby-blue t-shirt, and wanted to attempt regression by myself.

    I figured I'd watch Barney since I used to love it when I was little, but ironically, I could not get my adult side to be quiet! The situation played out something like this:

    "Hi my name's BJ! What's yours?"
    Wait, his name is BJ? You mean like blow jo-.. I-I mean Dinosaur!

    -a little later-

    "Kookaburra sits in in the old gum tree,
    merry merry king of the bush is he"

    Yay, I love this song!

    *cuts to kookaburra in a tree right next to them*

    WHAT?! In North Amera- er, laugh, kookaburra... Laugh?

    Sadface, it was tough to get my head to be quiet. What do you guys do to make your inner adult to shut the fuckupicus? Or like, maybe tv, just doesn't work for me? Any thoughts on what I other things I could do to connect with my inner-baby?

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    Seriously, I think it just takes practice. It's not something that you can just sort of switch on. You are already attending to some of the needs of your inner-baby...the next step is to become familiar with how the inner-baby feels. once you recognize that feeling it becomes o easy to melt into that liitle person, even without the baby stuff. of course that all just enhances the experience. As for tv, well I guess when I'm in a regressed state I do enjoy kiddie tv, but that doesn't particularly move me into a regressed state of mind. One thing is for sure, you've got to switch off thinking about your adult responsibilities...that always screws up the mood for me. Relax and enjoy finding your little self, don't try so hard..clearly he's already there.

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