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Thread: How brand specific are ABs vs. DLs...?

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    Question How brand specific are ABs vs. DLs...?

    I was just listening to a podcast from Pampered Penny (sorry, it's on an 18+ site so I can't link to it) in which she said that, perhaps surprisingly, DLs seem to be less-specific over their choice of diaper brand/type than ABs.

    She suggested (and I've paraphrased this a lot) that this might be because DLs enjoy the "kid in a sweetshop" mentality of seeing a huge range of obscure diapers to feed their curiosity, whilst for ABs, diapers are more about safety, security and certainty, so they like to know what to expect and want diapers to be reassuring and familiar, rather than new and exciting.

    The line between AB and DL is probably quite blurred for many people, but I thought it was an interesting theory, and I'd love to put it to the test here. So please vote now!

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    Oh bugger. Sorry for the bad grammar in the "DL" options above... Got a bit trigger happy with cut & paste...

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    Tough one. I consider myself to be equal parts AB and DL. Now, I wouldn't say I'm too picky about brands because first of all, I don't have a job. No job = no money = I'm not even able to buy diapers more than once every blue moon. Second of all, I have to take what I can find in the nearest store. As much as I'd like to order some Bambinos online or something (they're adorable!) to feed my AB side, my DL side is just more concerned with having diapers on hand when I "need" them. Plus I can't order off the internet without parents finding out about it, so that's out.

    I guess all in all, I don't care, but if the need to hide them/money was no object, I'd definitely go with cutesy/snug diapers because they appeal to both sides at once. Until I'm making some dough and living on my own... convenience over quality.

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    It makes sense to me that someone who is trying to recreate a specific childhood experience will be more picky than someone who wears simply for the pleasure of it.

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    Having tried only a few diapers and yet to find any type that I'm 100% satisfied with I'd say that I'm certainly not brand specific yet however if Abena still manufactured S4s then I would probably stick to them as much as possible but since they don't anymore I'll have to find a different small sized diaper to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    It makes sense to me that someone who is trying to recreate a specific childhood experience will be more picky than someone who wears simply for the pleasure of it.
    Well... I was brought up in cloth, but now (as an AB) prefer disposables, but I'm very fussy about the brand/type. But maybe I'm an exception...?

    It's not so much about re-creating a specific childhood experience for me... it's more the vague, general feeling of being safe and secure and loved for me... So (I'd guess) I'm very specific in my preferences because I want a safe, predictable experience, where I know what to expect, rather than a novel one... even though it's different to what I experienced as a real child...

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    I dont have a brand specific, mainly because there is usually not much to choose from until i get my payday. usually I stick with Walgreens Brand Certainty, or CVS brand any of them. When I get a better cashflow I might try some of the Internet brands. (is hopeful)

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    I'm pretty much mostly AB, and I am very, very brand specific. I do experiment with other new ones from time to time to see if there is something new I might like, but other than that I like my specific diapers that give me comfort and security. Particularly Bambino Bellissimo since they came out. Before them It was the classico, never really got into the teddys. And I have had some others before Bambino, but thats going way back. I'm partial to a comfy, thick, cute babyish diaper.

    Now I do admit sometimes in public I use different ones just to not be so obvious, but every time at home and every night it is Bambino Bellissimo. They give me a special feeling

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    Default Re: How brand specific are ABs vs. DLs...?

    I am mostly DL, but starting to warm up to more of the AB side. My preference was the plain Bambinos until the Teddy ones came out, and they've been my favorite since. However I do like exploring other options.

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    Since I do wear 24/7 I'm partial to my Attends Waistband and breatheables for daytime and Dry 24/7's for night time. I do also wear plastic pants at night and sometimes

    during the day.

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    I have actually taken to sewing my own for the fact that I'm only sixteen and bulk cloth is easier to get and keep than disposable diapers. Also I take a bit of pride in my work.

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