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Thread: ABU Disposable Diapers

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    Default ABU Disposable Diapers

    A Bambino Competitor: They look just like the old Baby Dry, and are cheaper than Bambino. Discuss.

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    20 for $40 is not cheaper

    they look kinda cheap, depends quality

    if i wanted such, id go and buy the roll of tape from Ebay and paste it to a depend

    no wetness indicator, which is good, but whatever

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    IMHO... Bambino > all...

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    Right now I do not want anything that has to be orderd online, But thinks for the info.

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    Wow. those look cheap as shit.

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    Ugh.... might as well go with one of the more established brands.

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    what is it that people don't like about wetness indicators?

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    Wetness indicators remove the babyish aspect from the diaper.

    Of course, baby diapers don't have them because the parents check their kids diapers every so often, plus the baby doesn't know the difference. So wetness indicators on baby diapers are useless.

    Considering adult diapers are made for people with incontinence, they use wetness indicators to determine, well, if they are wet or not.

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