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Thread: What's in your wallet?

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    Default What's in your wallet?

    Capital One: "What's In Your Wallet" Las Vegas - YouTube

    Like the commercial asks. What's in your wallet? Don't worry I won't rob you. XD.

    What's in my wallet?
    My drivers license and my insurance card to my truck. Oh and also some dirt that got in there somehow. Probably when I was in a trench fixing a water line a few weeks ago.

    I know weird question to ask. I'm bored and have the flu. This headache I have is keeping me up.

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    Default What's in your wallet?

    The contents of my wallet are:

    My debit card
    5 cash
    20 cash
    20 Game voucher
    20 Jack Wills voucher
    Game reward card
    My gym membership card
    Some receipts

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    Haha! My list would go on for ages if I was to list everything!

    The main things:

    Assorted change ()
    Assorted hungarian money (HUF)
    Assorted euro change and notes
    My drivers license
    My passport
    My student card
    All sorts of cards for various stores/discounts
    2 pairs of earrings and a spare earring butterfly back
    Debit Card
    Credit Card
    EHIC Card
    A few giftcards
    Assorted other things... like photos of myself and three friends piled in photo booths and a school photo of my two nephews and niece Cuties...

    I'm just glad you didn't ask me about my bag!! My handbag is ALWAYS full of weird stuff!
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    About $300 cash, credit card, debit card, gas card, medical insurance card, Mystic Seaport membership card, driver's license and a few cards for a friend's scrap business.

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    Learner's Permit
    Insurance card
    Eagle Scout card
    Smart Trip Card
    College ID
    Debit card
    CPR/AED Certification card
    Basic First Aid Certification card
    Membership cards to various organizations
    a plethora of business cards
    The Bill of Rights on a metal card from
    Know Your Rights card from
    various restaurant cards
    Kinko's card
    other assorted things

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    Well, let's see...
    83 dollars cash
    Driver's license and proof of insurance card
    8 credit cards
    4 band-aids
    1 old lottery ticket that has not been checked yet to see if it's worth anything
    1 lottery ticket for Saturday's drawing
    2 gasoline receipts, a TacoBell receipt and a thrift store receipt
    1 Canadian quarter
    NRA member card
    1 coupon for $2 off a carton of cigs.

    P.S. I am sorry that you are ill and feeling bad, Pepsicolaisgreat. I hope you get well again, very soon.

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    House key, student ID, state ID, Visa debit card. Random receipts on any given day.

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    Default What's in your wallet?

    Haha fun thread!

    My learned permit
    9 bucks
    A coupon to a haunted field Halloween thingy
    My GameStop powerup reward card
    A picture of my grandparents
    A couple pictures of me
    A GameStop receipt for Black Ops 2
    My school ID
    And my school conduct card

    More than I figured!

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    Right now,

    No money
    Oregon ID
    Chase bank card
    Goodwill Club Card
    AAA card

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    I don't carry a wallet. I usually have my debit card, Driver's License, keychain, my cellphone and a few dollars in my pocket. That's it. I have never liked the feeling of a wallet in my back pocket or front pocket or any pocket for that matter.

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