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Thread: Pregnant Wife...dropping hints, maybe?

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    Default Pregnant Wife...dropping hints, maybe?

    Well here is an interesting one...

    I am a DL, my wife "may" know. She knows I get excited about seeing girls in diapers and once let me put a Bambino on her but it was almost 2 years ago now and she stated afterwards that she did not like it. We have had very random, quick conversations about it since then and I seem to always get turned down.....until yesterday

    My wife is 8 months pregnant with our first child and pees a couple times an hour now. She was surfing the interweb and came across a few articles and forums with women claiming to have bought depends to wear close to their due date for 3 reasons, 1, it was getting to hard to find a bathroom in time and 2, for protection when their water breaks, and 3, the days immediately following when there may be some leakage...then she starts telling me about this. I took the opportunity to say , "ok, ill pick up some pull up ones from work" (I work in a hospital). She didnt turn me down, she shyly noded her head yes...but I dont know if she was being serious or not and i am not sure where to go from here... lol

    The obvious answer would be to take some home from work and when she notices, i can say...well you told me too!! and see what happens lol

    Anyone else on here with wives or gf's that were pregnant? Did they entertain diapers at all?

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    Default Pregnant Wife...dropping hints, maybe?

    Ask her if she was serious, she may well be, but equally, she could have been joking. Just gain some clarification.

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    I'd say just to bring a couple home and see what she does, in this case she needs them for a real reason so she may well be serious about wearing them and I can't see it backfiring if you home one for her to try out.

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    Seems like she said yes to me. If she questions it just say it was a miscommunication. If she doesn't want em then at least you get some new diapers out of it.

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    It seems like she accepts that she might need them, so go ahead and buy them. Be tactful and avoid talking about how much you like her wearing them, though, as she'll be wearing them out of need, not for fun.

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    Ask her. Say something like "I'm going to the hospital tonight, do you want me to pick some diapers for you, as you said yesterday?"

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    I would say ask her again to be sure. some Women do get diffident feeling about things as when they are pregnant. The next moment she might tell you no and the next yes .

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    Default Re: Pregnant Wife...dropping hints, maybe?

    No way that my wife would even entertain the idea. When my wife was pregnant, it wasn't something that pregnant women did, or if they did they never admitted it.

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    That is how I ended up padded. I have issues falling asleep if I only not use the restroom right before falling asleep. My wife when she was pregnant we were watching Strange Addiction and she made the comment regarding diapers. I said it might help me. We let it drop until there was a night where I had to keep getting out of bed and urinating. I did that until like 3 in the morning. I then told her I was getting some for myself.

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    Clearly she knows that you have a interest in diapers and that you are obviously open minded about the idea. She is at the point that she has a legitimate need. At this point some women would just brush it off and tough out the experience, never bringing up diapers as a solution.

    I suspect she has approached you because there is a clear legitimate need. In fact she may well be thinking they are a good idea. Normally she would just bow to the social stigma but things are different in your case because she knows you are likely to be accepting, and it judgmental.

    Most people will not just wear diapers in a medical situation even when they really should because of the stigma. When they are in a hospital and "protection" is more or less strongly suggested it is often taken as permission.

    Remember that diapers are made for a reason and that there are many legitimate uses for tis protection.

    Time to overcome the powerful suggestions that were planted at potty training and allow ourselves to use the tools that help us to solve some of the messier human problems.

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