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Thread: Adult diapers a surprising new trend among Japanese women

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    Default Adult diapers a surprising new trend among Japanese women

    Happened to notice this on Yahoo's homepage this afternoon


    (Sorry if this is a repost)

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    haha my boss mentioned this today. He says everyone bring diapers tomorrow, where going to do what there doing in japan do improve productivity.

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    I heard this has been something going on for sometime. A couple of years its not the first story on it and the way thoses people are made to work I would belive it.

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    It is to bad none of the articles had links the diaper makers I would love see the 9 cup cloth diaper that dries in an hour.

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    I don't know why but i decided to read the comment section from the article not recommended all you see is ignorant hate as usual. should of known better.

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    There was an very serious AP article several years ago reporting that women who worked the cash registers at Walmart were wearing diapers because Walmart wouldn't give them bathroom breaks. It caused the Federal government to step in a pass several laws, one which affects me. I now have to swipe a card in a time clock so the school can't take advantage of me, making me work extra time for no pay. In fact, I can't even volunteer for school functions because I am paid hourly. They actually call it The Walmart Law.

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