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Thread: Pokemon fans, give this guy a medal

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    Default Pokemon fans, give this guy a medal

    With the release of Pokemon Black2/White 2 sweeping the world, PETA have decided to launch another one of their famous terrorist antics by making a Pokemon parody game on their website, which promotes the antics of Team Plasma and is yet another chance for them to preach their views as the better and to call out Pokemon as a corrupt, maniacal tool that promotes animal abuse.

    ...well, this is nothing new, obviously.

    However, one man on YouTube made a video to give his own opinion on that, and I think he sets the record straight.

    And I agree with him. PETA has attacked Pokemon just based on the fact that, on the surface, it is about legalized cock-fights between animals. No research whatsoever, just what was on Pokemon's cover.

    Sorry if this is a bit of a rage-fueled thread, but I just felt like seeing if anyone else in this community feels the same way as the guy in the video does.

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    I don't think anybody takes PETA seriously anymore, to be honest.

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    To be fair, Ghetsis is one of the people you kill in the propaganda game, but they got plenty of other shit wrong Y_Y

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    I remember reading an article about this a few days ago and thinking to myself, "Seriously? It's a video game and besides, if you're criticizing Pokemon for abusing animals, look at every other video game out there."

    If Pokemon was aimed at animal abuse, more than likely it would not be an E rated game and it would have 10 times or more violence than it has now.

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