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    IMO, I think that taping panels on adult diapers should be used more often by companies. I can only think of Bambino as one of very few companies that have this feature. Without it the fit becomes loose. Abena, Dry 24/7 would be fitting and staying snug way longer than they do now. I wish companies would take suggestions a lot more seriously than they do.

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    I hear what you're saying. I *believe* some brands at ABU use the same landing zone, but not a lot of brands do. The cloth-covered disposables tend to stay snug longer, but any extended wear and they do become loose. Sometimes wearing some boxer-briefs over the diaper help.

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    You can always add landing zones to a diaper with clear tape (such as packing tape). I do this all the time for both Dry 24/7s and my Abena M4s and it works great.

    Another benifit is, if you want them to look a little more babyish there are places where you can print patterns and create your own custom tape landing zones. Luckily, I remember a thread from last year about this, and was able to google it:

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    Hot tip:

    Order some tapes from this website:

    LSD : Angoo mart, Decorative tape, Washi tape, fabric tape, paper tape, sticker and other kawaii product wholesale

    They are super cute and make your plain old white diapers into something special! Just cut a length and stick it on the front of your diaper where the taping panel should be.

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    You could buy special tape, or you could make your own...

    If you have paper and packing tape, just do it yourself. You can print stuff using a printer or just draw it yourself. I quickly drew some stuff up in MS paint (tailored after pampers cruisers : P) and printed it off to put over the cut from stuffing. Worked well. That, and I bought some colored sharpies to make the rest of diaper 'printed'. (sharpies because they are water resistant, so they wont rub off on your skin or anything else.)

    More on topic, I find that the tape doesn't allow the padding to expand properly, which can decrease the absorbency somewhat. But it is nice that there isn't holes in the plastic when you want to take it off.

    I think the reason many companies don't do it is because of how much extra plastic it is when your pushing a hundred thousand diapers out the door per day, that could drive the cost up quite a bit.

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    If the tape is at the top of the diaper, absorbency may not be affected *that* much. But, I never thought about that before....maybe if you tried to apply the tape as evenly as possible along the top without restricting the diaper flexibility....know what I mean? Kind of hard to explain.

    Good thoughts oblivion!

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    Sorry if I sound stupid, but what is a landing zone? I've never owned diapers.

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    If you remember when baby diapers were plastic and had that thicker plastic layer on the front of the diaper with all the graphics on it? Where the tape is actually stuck on to? Its velcro type landing zones these days.

    The extra money for the cost of the landing zone should be covered by not using the cloth backing

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