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Thread: To poop or not to poop, this is the question (poll)

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    Default To poop or not to poop, this is the question (poll)

    I was just curious as to who actually have pooped in their diaper and do they still do it?

    I poop when I have time alone. The wife refuses to change a messy one. I can't blame her. The kids were bad enough for ten years straight.

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    I've tried it once, and felt disgusted by it and would never ever do it again except if I don't have to clean it up myself which won't happen anytime soon sadly, my mother told me I was easy to potty train because I never could stand a dirty diaper and wanted to be changed quickly so it all came naturally for the potty training, except for bedwetting which was another story...

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    This has been asked here many times. I've pooped before and I'll probably poop again. However, as anyone who has done it will tell you; clean up is a pain, which is why I don't do it often. If you live alone, then poop away...if that is what you so desire. careful, you probably wouldn't want to be caught stinking up the place if you don't live alone. Having a hand held detachable showerhead is also essential as it makes clean up easier.

    Good Luck.


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    Default Re: To poop or not to poop, this is the question (poll)

    Quote Originally Posted by Angusmac View Post
    This has been asked here many times.
    Sorry if this has been repeated too many times. I did a quick search and found people asking what was the best way to clean up after one, but nothing on who did out or not.

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    very very rarely for me and I just change directly afterwards. And I only do it right before I would/need to change anyways.

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    I haven't worn diapers for a long time, but when I did, I would occasionally poop, but somewhat infrequently.

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    Not at all worth the consequences. I do think I would consider it if I had a mate that would change me, as I would probably do the same in return.

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    I do every once in a while to remind myself why I don't, if that makes any sense :P

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    Yeah I do when I'v got time to clean it up.

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    I've had a accident or 2 when I've been out walking when away from home. The cleanup is no fun when it's a wet soupy poop. Taking a shower or wasing your

    clothes is no fun.

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