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    Why do guys like my little pony. I like it to but thats because I like girls stuff. But why do other guys like them most guys don't like lots of girls things that I know of. So why my little pony?

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    it's a good show in writing and animation and harks back to the cartoon's of the 90's. Simply as that IMHO.

    not to mention someone admiteed my little pony sucked since it was targeted to and for girls only when they knew it could be a show for anyone or at least families. So Faust took it and just made it good as it always could of been.

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    Default brony?

    Because it is awesome. I discovered it completely by accident and I was like hmmm this isn't as bad as I expected. Then I wanted more. Then I finished season 1 and 2 on YouTube. I don't really know why it is so addicting

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    It's like the cartoons that that generation (the one after me) grew up on (PPGs, etc.) It's even made by the same people.

    I think of it like this: if you grew up on the Looney Toons and Tex Avery came back from the dead and made a cartoon for little girls, you'd have everyone over 20 watching it.

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    I like it because it has taken risks and changes that have seperated it from the past MLP generations. Friendship is Magic has some things you'd never see in some of the past generations, like the main characters actually fighting against a foe.

    Plus, its animation is REALLY good, and is more cartoony than the past generations which tried too hard to look like ACTUAL ponies. It seemed like a throw-back to the Looney Tunes style of animation, where a character could linger in the air before they fell, or seem to stretch their bodies to abnormal angles (i.e. cartoon logic = no logic)

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