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    Complete Diaper Guide:
    Throughout my child hood I would always try to find ways to deal with diapers without my parents knowing. Overtime I gained knowledge on how to do so even down to the smell of them and this has helped me hide them for all these years and my parents never found out about them. Now days though I do not half to worry about this and I am hoping the knowledge I have gained over time can help you deal with them as well. So I hope my guide can provide you some tips on how to buy diapers, hide diapers, get rid of the smell and get rid of diapers without your parents knowing.

    Buying Diapers:

    The hardest known parts of any Ab, ABL, DL, BF and CF is buying their first pack of diapers at a store to bring home. I myself went through this and the entire time I did this I was worried that there is a person at the Walgreens near me that would be a family friend or somehow know me in some way. Being at the young age this scared me because I worried if they did know me they would tell my parents or if they were friends of mine or just knew me they would make fun of me and spread rumors. Although the entire time I went through this none of the bad side of this never happened to me. Then there’s the internet shopping side to buying diapers when I came of age to buy them. This for the most part was easier to do but at the same time I ran into challenges on the way like how to explain the big package I just got from ups. Here are some helpful tips that I came up with that helped me through all of this.

    Buying Local Diaper Tips –

    1. Go to the closest shop that sells diapers in your area but is not to close to your family home. (recommended stores that sell diapers – Walgreens, Riteaid, Cvs, Giant Eagle or any local store you know. Do not go to to Wal-Mart because everyone tends to go there and you are more likely to be seen by a person you know. Only go there if it’s necessary)

    2. So when is the best time to go buy the diapers? Well you want to get them on a day when your parents are not home the entire day or gone for a while. Do not try to risk getting them while there home unless you can hide them in a garage under junk until the coast is clear or at night when all is asleep. If you own a car and are of age you do not need to worry as much just hide them in the car’s trunk or somewhere not seen. If your parents need to barrow the car make sure there under something so they cannot find them. If you cannot just wait to bring them inside then make sure to do this while you’re shopping buy something to hide the diapers in your bag like snacks or drinks. That way if they ask what’s in the bag you can say there snacks for me later.

    3. The best days to buy diapers for the most of us would be on the weekends when were off work or not in school.

    4. Depending on how old you are or what is at your disposal. A car is the best way to buy diapers and not get caught in the act but if you do not have a car and are younger your best bet it to take your bike since it is fast and can get there and back fast. If you half to walk it’s more of a risk because there’s more of a chance your parents will see you coming back home. But as I said you got to make do with what you got.

    5. If you do have a good friend of yours you can trust you can always have them buy the diapers for you and have them smuggle them into your house when they next visit like hide them in their backpack or a kind of pouch.

    6. I’m sure a lot of you are quite scared to buy diapers from what may happen to you. Well like I said before I was scared my first time I even was shaking when I came up to the cashier to pay for them but I made it through it. You need to stay calm when going to go buy these at a store. Most of the time they do not care if you’re buying diapers all they really care about is making sure you pay for it and you get on your way without problems. If they do ask what there for you can always say they are for my brother he has a medical problem and my mom asked me to go pick some more up for him while she is cooking dinner. Other helpful story’s – My sister is laid up in bed for a bit and she cannot get out of bed so she needs diapers, they are for a prank I want to pull on a friend of mine at a sleep over, etc. If it comes to buying powder, wipes you can use the same excuses. Although if it comes to like pacifiers you need to change up the story. You can say phrases like my mom sent me up here to get a new pacifier for my baby sister or baby brother. This goes for all other baby goods you buy. These are examples you can build of.

    Buying Internet Diaper Tips –

    1. When buying diapers online you need to make sure no one will bother you while you order them I am sure you do not want your mom seeing the diaper site. So the best time to do this is when you know you are alone or at night. You can do this during the day but as I said make sure they won’t barge in on you. If you do not live at home this won’t be a problem for you.

    2. At the time of buying the diapers make sure you give driver instructions on where to put your package. Why do this? Well because you can tell the driver to drop the diapers off on the other side of your house or at your friend’s house to avoid your parents from taking your package and opening it.

    3. Sneaking diapers in your house can be a burden because of how big the package may be. When you get your package and are going to bring it into the house make sure you do this. Walk in the house clam manner and try not to attract attention and head straight for your room. If they stop you for some reason you can tell them that it’s a package from a buddy. If they want to know what’s inside you do this. Take it into your room and open it and hide the diapers in your room and comes back out of your room with something you have they don’t recall you have aka switching them out in a way. You can also tell them that’s it’s an early Christmas or birthday gift for one of them and they will not know what it is till then. An old trick you can do is tell your parents that it was delivered wrong address. Once in your room open it up and take the diapers out and reseal it. Then like the next day pretend to take it to the real address but all you’re doing is ditching the box in a garbage

    Hiding Diapers:
    Another hard part of being an Ab, ABL, DL, BF and CF is hiding your diapers in your room or the house you live in. This was probably the most challenging part to me as I purchased diapers for myself and brought them home to have and then hide. Hiding diapers can be very difficult because if you do not hide them well your parents can find them or even your wife if you hide them from her or even him. Finally it comes down to hiding your used diapers and getting rid of them without your parents finding out. The smell from diapers makes even harder to hide them because it stinks up your room or where you are hiding them. This in deed is where hiding diapers from your parents or anyone is hard.

    Hiding Diaper Tips –

    1. So when you come home from buying diaper from a store or just taking the package from the mail you half to hide them somewhere so your parents do not find them. Do not waste time as soon as you have them in your room hide them right away cause you never know what will happen.

    2. So where should you hide your diapers? Well never hide your diapers under your bed because it is the most searched place that your parents look at. Another place you should never hide them is your dresser that is another place parents tend to look in all the time and find stuff. The best place to hide them is your closet. Parents do not tend to look in there but if they do you can easily hide them buried under random junk in your closet. If you half to hide them under the bed or your dresser make sure you hide them well.

    3. If you are going to hide them in a closet put them in a somewhat big box then put a blanket inside over them. After that put a few random items over it to hide it even more than it already it is. Lastly put it into closet hidden under a few items. This trick usually works quite well when it comes to hiding diapers in your closet. If you half to use your dresser take them out of the package and cover them in small cloth. If you do not have one just put them in the bottom dresser door. Then you cover them in a few clothes you have and make sure there flat on them. Lastly put a few objects in there to make it less noticeable to have something to hide. Now if you half to hide them under the bed you can use a small box to fit under your bed. Put your diaper in it or multiple boxes if you have a lot of diapers. After that a marker and right some random object on it like toys. After that push them under your bed to about the middle. Never the back because if your bed is moved then will be easier for them to see your diapers. Any other baby products you have can be hidden the same way. Now most of us do not have a safe but if you do you can use that to hide them in it if it's big enough. If you do not have a big enough one you can still hide your small baby items in it.

    Hiding Diaper Smell Tips –

    1. So hiding the smell of diapers seems like it cannot be done unless you buy some kind of diaper champ? Well that’s not true there is other ways to do it. One way to do it is to cover your used diaper in baby powder and spray it with any type of deodorant and put it into a plastic bag and tie it off. This will get rid of smell for some time but it will not last a while. When you do this trick it’s meant to keep it in your room for a bit then throw it out later. You can however put them in your closest and close them to mask the smell from your room like I said it does not last forever. Make sure to hide it though under other objects.

    2. You can also take a plastic garbage bag and dump powder in it along with deodorant. After that twist the top so it closed and shakes it a bit. Then open it up and its ready to keep the smell away for a bit. Like I said before it does not keep the smell away for forever. It will however mask it pretty well. You can stick this bag in your closet and hide it under objects.

    3. After some time of experimenting with different ways to get rid of the smell I found one of the best ways to do this is rubbing alcohol or just alcohol works good to get rid of the smell. This works like a charm on any used diaper. Put the rubbing alcohol in a bottle and spray it over the used diaper area and the smell will go away and never come back. This way lasts the longest out what I have tested. You can put these in plastic bags like I said before or big plastic garbage bags. If you want the bag to have a nice smell you can just put baby powder in the bag instead of no smell at all.

    4. An old fashion way to get rid of diaper smell is to take a garbage bag and sprinkle some baking powder in it and shake it so it coats the bag. Then put your diapers in it and this should absorb smell quite well. This is just as good as the rubbing alcohol method. This method also works like a charm by getting rid of the smell making one of other best ways to get rid of the smell. You can also add baby powder to make it smell nice instead of no smell.

    5. When it comes to getting rid of the smell in the air you can always use air refreshers,spray deodorants and scented candles. Also it is wise to have a ceiling fan and a open windows to circulate the air.

    6. You should never keep diapers in your room for more than a week even with using the tips I showed. Reason why is because it is a health hazard and is not good to have in your room. Even though you took my advice on getting rid of the smell you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Even diaper champs are not supposed to be in the room for longer than a week.

    Getting Rid of Diapers:

    Well you have your diaper hidden quite well and smell free but now you need to get rid of them without letting your parents find out. This was not fun for me because one false move and my parents would see me get rid of these and then here comes trouble. So how would you get rid of your used diaper stash without your parents finding out or finding them in the garbage?

    Getting Rid of Diapers Tips –

    1. One thing I have learned is you should never take your diapers out during the day unless you are sure you are the only one home and no one will be home a for a while. You should always take your diapers out at night to avoid anyone finding out. You should also always hide your garbage bag under the other garbage bags already in there. This is for plastic garbage bags you may have full of diapers.

    2. For people who do not use much diapers and just have plastic bags with only one diaper in each you can hide them in the garbage can. Although you need to make sure when you do so you burry them under any other garbage that’s in the garbage can. Granted you will get your hands dirty but your parents will not find out about them.

    3. If for some reason you need to take out a plastic bag of diapers you can always fill with random stuff from your room and if your parents ask you tell them you are taking out the garbage from cleaning your room.

    4. You should always double bag your diapers to keep the smell closed in more and so your parents have a harder time seeing through them.

    If you fallow this guild it will make it easier for you to deal with your diapers around your parents or maybe even your wife. You will be able to enjoy them more knowing that no one will find out about them as long as you use my tips to your advantage. You may half to modify them to your situation at your home but you get the idea. I hope my tips were of use to you as you read my guide. Good luck my fellow diaper friends. ^^

    Copyright - Tails Zelin
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    Excellent Guide!
    The only problem is that there are not walgreens or cvs in my area

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    Quote Originally Posted by pedro View Post
    Excellent Guide!
    The only problem is that there are not walgreens or cvs in my area
    Ty and that happens sadly hence why I said any local store. ^^

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