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    Dishonored comes out tomorrow (in about an hour). Who else will be playing?

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    Default Dishonored

    I'll be buying it when it comes out over here.

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    Unfortunately Europe has to wait till Friday.
    I think I should buy it. Maybe it will finally get the exploration/stealth stuff right that I love. So far it sounds like it might. At least if you turn off those awful quest markers.

    Also it seems like there are ini files available to further mod guard awareness and other gameplay stuff.

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    I preordered on steam so I got to play it 3 hours early Just finished it, PHENOMENAL game

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    A little disappointed really. Game play was some of the best but it lacked depth everywhere. I know it was invested in gameplay but I still wish at least Emily and Corvo had more depth. Storey was also short but it has plenty of replayability.

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    I haven't had much time to play it, but what I've played so far has been fairly fun. Not the greatest game ever, but far from the worst.

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